Erin Wasson is the girl on every Tumblr page dedicated to images of cool girls. The tiny feather tattoo, the perfect well-worn vintage hats, the gold layered jewelry—it’s the sort of unstudied insouciance that you just can’t teach. But sometimes you can buy it. Wasson is collaborating with Pia Arrobio and her brand LPA on a collection of statement gold jewelry inspired by Wasson’s personal collection and vintage jewelry seen on over-the-top Italians in the 1970s. Ironically, Pia’s spring collection was inspired by all-things Italian, including her ex-boyfriend.

The duo’s stylish friendship began in New York with parties, baubles and Alexander Wang. “Erin was one of the first people I met in NYC. I was young. She was so cool. I couldn’t believe she even wanted me around,” Arrobio explains, “I was 18. She took me under her wing, would bring me to parties, invite me to dinner parties at her place and always had the most insane outfits on. I would always ask what she was wearing and she would bring me into her room in her East Village loft—she had this old medicine cabinet from the 1920’s filled with vintage jewelry and she would explain each piece to me. She brought me to the Fall 2008 Alexander Wang show and it was the first fashion show I ever went to. I cried. She made custom jewelry I wanted, but couldn’t afford.”

Luckily, there’s almost nothing that a growing up and little, enduring a break-up and starting your own successful brand can’t fix. “Last summer she took me to Hawaii after a bad break up. We went to the Walmart in Maui to the gold jewelry counter. Erin and I both have an affinity for gawdy jewelry (me being Italian/her being from Texas) and we realized we have the same taste. She was so proud when I launched LPA, so rapid to see me grow up, and it just made sense to finally have the platform to work with someone who meant so much to me as a friend and aesthetically.”

See the full collection of earrings and body chains below and going on sale exclusively on tomorrow.