CMA jewelry has deep Navajo meaning

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. —It was on display at the Country Music Awards — the New Mexico fashion trend that has a deep meaning behind it.

“With musicians, it’s another way to add to your stage of who you are,” said Andrew Thomas with Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.

Thomas is talking about the turquoise jewelry many artists wore to the awards show. But there was one main piece of jewelry that stood out: the squash blossom necklace.

At the bottom of the necklace is a crest called a naja, and its purpose is to defuse what’s ailing the body, to harmonize the natural order, physically, mentally, emotionally and also within that, spiritually, Thomas said.

On the sides of the necklace are the squash bottoms, and they represent the succession of successful harvest and all the vegetation. It all evolves around us as mother earth that is protecting us and father sky, Thomas said.

He added seeing the turquoise and jewelry on television showed their Navajo culture has come a long way and their industry will never fade.

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