Cartier Panther roars anew

Cartier has launched new designs in its Panthere de Cartier Collection, exactly a century since its emblematic feline motif first leaped onto the scene.

In 2014, Cartier created its first panther-spot motif on a wristwatch and commissioned a “Lady with panther” watercolour print from French illustrator and painter George Barbier for its advertising collaterals. Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s high jewellery creative director in 1933, further enhanced the feline by revealing its jewelled coat through an impression of spotted motifs.

Through the years, emeralds or garnets have been traditionally used for the Cartier Panther’s eyes, while sapphires, diamonds and onyx are among the gemstones that have made up the coat of the wild cat.

In September, the brand unveiled 56 modern interpretations of the Cartier Panther. The high jewellery pieces cover the gamut of moods and personalities, from the playful, sensual and gentle to the wild and ferocious.

An expanded diamond and onyx gold ring has the Cartier Panther pouncing with emerald eyes ablaze, while another ring throws black lacquer into the mix and depicts the feline at rest. Several capture the panther in a roar.

One bracelet has the panther on the hunt as it prowls surreptitiously. Meanwhile, a tribal bracelet alludes to its luxurious coat through a spotted pattern of diamond, onyx and black lacquer with chrysoprase stripes.

Necklaces use the Cartier Panther’s head as a diamond tassel cap, and platinum sautoirs lined with pearls and emeralds are clipped with a seated diamond panther, seemingly lounging yet brimming with dynamic energy.

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Panthere de Cartier gold ring with onyx, black lacquer and tsavorite garnets
Panthere de Cartier white gold bracelet and ring with onyx, emeralds and diamonds
Panthere de Cartier bracelet with diamonds, onyx, black lacquer and chrysoprase in white gold
Panthere de Cartier gold necklace with diamonds, onyx, tsavorite garnets and black lacquer
Panthere de Cartier bracelet with onyx, emeralds and diamonds in white gold