Broken Jewelry Workshop encourages you to fix up your own jewels

CARBONDALE — Got a broken necklace that you are still hoping a bread bag tie will help repair?

Going to wear that mood ring again, as soon as you buy Super Glue to replace the stone?

If you can get to the Craft Shop in the SIU Student Center next week, you can join the Broken Jewelry Workshop from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2015.

This event is hosted by Keep Carbondale Beautiful and the Craft Shop.

Tools and materials will be available, some for purchase; those wishing the experts to take over, can ask staff to present a bid for the work.

The idea for the Broken Jewelry Workshop came from Sarah Heyer, executive director of Keep Carbondale Beautiful.

“I was inspired by my mother’s broken necklace,” Heyer said in a statement. “I asked my niece if she’d like to fix it, but no dice. Then I thought of Ron and Kara Dunkel. Ron manages the SIUC Craft Shop, and Kara is an artist who makes jewelry. They agreed to help out. As I talked to people about it, it seemed like the need was there.”