The best places to buy affordable fine jewelry

Image result for The best places to buy affordable fine jewelryThe phrase “fine jewelry” makes me think of super-wealthy women draped head-to-toe in diamonds or over-the-top family heirlooms. But sometimes, you want a really special piece, whether it’s to commemorate a special occasion or simply to stand up to daily wear and look good with everything in your closet.

Well, the internet is disrupting everything, the fine jewelry market included. Not only are there many affordable fine jewelry brands cropping up, to offer quality pieces in cool silhouettes, but the products are also often made with an emphasis on sustainable materials. The ethical concerns when buying real jewels, especially diamonds, are very real. Many newer brands claim to have made responsible sourcing a top priority and focus on transparency in their business models.

Of course, “affordable” is relative, but it’s absolutely possible to get quality gold and silver jewelry for less than $1,000 these days, as well as sustainable diamonds that are reasonably priced. You just have to know where to look. These direct-to-consumer brands minimize markup to keep prices down and pay close attention to design. Many of them have pieces that cost less than $100, if you’re willing to skip the fancy stones. Happy jewelry shopping!

The best places to buy affordable fine jewelry:

  • Best overall: Catbird
  • Best for minimalists: Mejuri
  • Best for sustainable diamonds: AUrate
  • Best for maximalist: The Last Line
  • Best for wedding jewelry: Vrai & Oro

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