The best pearl-wearing tricks used in fashion

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There are some things that never change. One of these things is the fact that people always want to look their best, and will use all the help they can get to put themselves in evidence even better. There are all kinds of accessories, makeup and even types of clothing which represent tricks people use to give themselves an even better appearance than before. Jewelry is one of the top ways in which people enhance the way they look and make themselves even more presentable. Many will agree that when it comes to jewelry, pearls such as the ones from PearlsOnly are one of the contenders to the “most popular of all time “title. As a celebration to the wonderful ornament that are pearls, here are some of the most intriguing ways in which you can wear pearls. While these are all great ideas, there’s nothing wrong in wearing the classic pearl necklace either.

Mermaid crown

There is no official evidence that mermaids wear crowns, or if they even exist. But if they do, they would probably wear crowns made out of pearls. There’s no complicated logic behind that, just the fact that pearls come from the water, same place as mermaids. You can be a sort of real life mermaid yourself and if the even you are attending has a marine theme as well, everything will be perfect.

Sunglasses that shine back

Usually sunglasses are used to protect yourself from the powerful sun. However, an offense is the best defense, as many would say. So why not give your sunglasses some nice pearl frames which not only look smashing, but will also make the sun wear its own pair of sunglasses. The trend of wearing pearls on sunglasses has been along for a while, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less stylish. Especially if you’re going to the beach where you’ll be only wearing your swimming suit, it can be pretty hard to come out with a classy appearance. The sunglasses are probably your best bet of remaining classy without taking a swim while being dressed.


High heels are something that a lot of women are less fond off due to the effort that must be put in at times just to stay upright. However, the case might be different if those heels were actually made of pearls. Yes, this is a real thing that people are doing, they are using pearls as heels and it seems to pay off because those that do it are often times complimented on their boldness. Not a lot of room is left for improvisation when it comes to shoes, so the heel is actually the most fashionable and customizable element of the whole thing.