Angel Wings Jewelry a shop for jewelry lovers

  • Owner C.MELINDA STOTTS / MNROwner C. Ann Fitzgibbon of Angel Wings Jewelry in her new shop at 103 North Main Street in Miami offers custom jewelry pieces at very affordable prices.
  • MIAMI – The perfect little shop for jewelry lovers, Angel Wings Jewelry, is nestled in front of the Coleman Theatre in downtown Miami.Owner C. Ann Fitzgibbon opened the quaint shop at 103 North Main Street in November.Display cases and tables are filled with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, keychains, charms to choose from and shop for all tastes of accessories.“I’d been doing festivals and craft shows and it got a little bit much,” Fitzgibbon said. “I just decided I’d like to stay in one location and sell things out of a store.”Fitzgibbon is originally from Quapaw, lived in Miami until 1995, moved to Tulsa and then returned to Miami just last year.Fitzgibbon puts together most of the pieces in her shop and also sells other pieces by local jewelry makers. She doesn’t charge anything extra to put the pieces together or change out anything for her customers.“I’m more of an assembler,” she said. “My cousin has an eBay store and I was looking for a job and she said, ‘I’ll do the eBay store and you do shows,’ and so, that’s how it started. I started out in all religious items and then went over into just a little bit of everything, charms basically. I have lots of charms we do lots of theme charms, like initials, and birthdates and hobbies. People can pick put pieces and create their own one of a kind piece of jewelry.”With charms bracelets and necklaces a hot accessory and perfect gift item, Angel Wings Jewelry can custom design special pieces, or customers can choose their own charms for Fitzgibbon to put together.“Anything you see can be changed out. People come in and they may like a necklace but want a different pendant or certain charms. We can customize it to suit them,” she said. “It can all be changed. They may want a different chain or chord or to add a charm or add something special.”Fitzgibbon’s custom pieces are ideal for gifts, bridal parties or special occasions to match any dress or outfit. Most pieces can be put together right away or within the same day.The shop offers beadwork pieces by jewelry maker Hurla Loftand of Miami, and Native American pieces by JoClee Bush of Quapaw. Vintage look signs are also offered in the shop made by her daughter-in-law Rachel Fitzgibbon of St.Louis.Fitzgibbon is heading to market this week to bring back even more pieces to offer for sale in her shop. The shop will be closed this week Thursday until Saturday so she can buy more merchandise. She was busy working on making beaded stretchy bracelets this week which are big fad now.