Thongs, High Heels And More: 7 Fashion Items That Are Damaging Your Health Really Badly And You Have no Idea

Thongs, High Heels And More: 7 Fashion Items That Are Damaging Your Health Really Badly And You Have no Idea

Running behind fashion and buying anything that seems trendy can sometime ruin your health? Yes, you read it right. There are a certain fashion items that can be disastrous and can impact your health in various ways and you have no idea about them. Here, we are going to talk about that. From high heels to thongs, here is a list of fashion pieces that can affect your health really badly. Also Read – Why Leading Fashion Designers Don’t Style TV Celebs? Hina Khan Raises a Poignant Question That Needs Attention

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can be suffocating for your legs and nerves. Wearing tights or extremely squeezed jeans can compress your nerves and slow down the blood supply. Also, your probability of getting bacterial and fugal infection is higher when you are donning skinny fits. Also Read – Karan Johar’s Son is His Fashion Police, This Adorable Video is Proof

High Heels

Though high heels can make your overall look complete by adding a wow factor in it, you pay a heavy cost for that. Frequently wearing heels can cause chronic pain in legs and muscle spasm. The problems occur due to the shortening of muscles in your calves and back. Also, high heels can increase your likelihood of suffering from nerve damage and increase your risk of sciatica.

Ill-fitted Bras

Wearing a wrong sized bra can not only be uncomfortable but can also cause health problems. Opting for a tight-fitted bra can lead to irritation, rashes, and deep groves. It can also exert pressure on nerves located near the ribs and cause pain. Wearing an extra-size bra can lead to breast sagging.


Thongs are usually made of skimpy fabric, that can easily trap bacteria and can cause infection. Wearing thongs can make you susceptible to carrying rectal bacteria to your vagina and suffering from vaginal infection.

Coloured Underwear

Though it feels nice to wear colourful underwear, fabric dyes can actually cause infection in your genital by irritating the soft skin down there. Usually, dyes are synthetic on artificial fabrics. So, it is always safe to choose a cotton underwear.


People love wearing flip-flops during summer. But this footwear can be dangerous for your feet. Flip-flops do not provide enough arch support and put extra pressure on foot resulting in pain. They can also cause balance problem due to its zero ankle support. So, it is advised to go for high quality flip flop with soft leather. Also, buy flats with good arch support.


Donning a shapewear has become a trend. Ladies who are a bit heavy and want a silhouette tummy, opt for this. But wearing shapewear can squeeze your digestive tract and can cause digestive problems including stomach pain and acid reflux.

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