Swallowed up by the floor: fashion faux pas goes viral


Wearing the floor..



Wearing the same outfit as a fellow guest at an event is a feared fashion faux pas, but what happens when you accidentally manage to dress the same as an inanimate object?

Internet virality, that’s what.

A picture of a woman who inadvertently dressed in matching patterns to the floor has gone viral.

The image has been viewed more than a million times after Imgur user Beedat uploaded it to the picture-sharing website on Sunday.


In the picture, Beedat is lying down across the speckled linoleum and blue carpet floor, demonstrating that the patterns perfectly match her multicoloured top and blue skirt.


Beedat captioned the image, “I walked into the room and realised the floor had chosen the same outfit.”

Although one might have thought Beedat covered her face with her hands to maintain her anonymity (obviously, expecting the picture to generate some level of internet notoriety), the reality is much more innocent.

“I didn’t really know whether to smile or not, so i just went with the safest option,” she wrote in the picture’s comments.

Of course, this isn’t the first dress to go viral this year.

It was only in February that the world was trying to decide whether a certain dress on sale at a Scottish boutique was blue and black or white and gold.