Slow fashion: tell us about the oldest item of clothing you own

Big pile of clothes and accessories thrown on the floor.

Tell us which outfit has stuck with you over the years. Photograph: luanateutzi/Getty Images/iStockphoto

We live in a throwaway culture, especially when it comes to fashion, but there will always be certain items of clothing that stick with us.

As the slow fashion movement and environmental awareness of the industry grows, we want to hear from readers about the oldest item of clothing you have. Where did you get it, and why have you hung onto it for so long?

Do you have an outfit that you’ve kept for years, even if it doesn’t fit quite right? Which items of clothing have survived numerous house moves and changing fashion trends? Tell us the memories you associate with the outfit and if you still wear it today.

Send us pictures of you wearing it, either from back in the day or now.