WE can think of plenty of people whose shopping wish list we would like to be privy to, and New York-based blogger and style curator Garance Doréis certainly one of them. Luckily for us, we has tapped her to launch its new Shop With project, which sees different stars share their must-have items. But, as Dore explains to the latest edition of the online retailer’s  The Style Report, while others hang off her every post, her viewpoint is something she is constantly re-evaluating.

“I always ask myself, ‘what’s my point of view?'” she explained. “Do I have something to bring to people and how can I evolve that in a way that’s true to me, so I don’t just copy what I used to be or try to emulate what I see around me? I’m a storyteller – like a lot of people, it’s not magic – but I think about my story; how do I share it and also do I make you have a better day? That’s important to me. What else is there? I’m very happy it happened and I have a big ego like a lot of bloggers, but the main goal was always to share and find like-minded people because I grew up somewhere remote.”


While she is currently as far from remote as you could get, living in central Manhattan, Doré is considering shaking things up as far as her base is concerned, and like a lot of the fashion industry she is looking to the West Coast.

Having come to prevalence on the street-style scene in the mid Noughties with her then partner Scott Schuman, Doré is also in the midst of making changes to her self-made brand in light of the digital world changing.

“We are changing the way we work at the studio because I am not inspired by the same things anymore,” she revealed. “It’s the end of a cycle for me. I think it’s the same for everyone who loves meaningful stories – the ‘snap’ culture of Instagram and the rest, as much as it’s fun, it’s missing substance. Substance is not there just because there’s a big quote on an image telling you about life.”






















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