The People’s Choice Awards Looks Everyone Will be Talking About

The People’s Choice Awards always bring about a unique red carpet experience. It’s a huge honour to be at the annual event, especially if you’re a nominee, so the fashion is dialed way up. But on the other hand, this awards season event doesn’t have quite the same pomp and circumstance of say, the Golden Globes or Emmys Awards. In other words: This dressed-up occasion gets very creative, playful, and a bit unexpected. Last night’s turnout was no different.

Be it fringe, ruffles, a full bodice of jewels, and well, even more fringe, it was the embellishments of each ensemble that got our attention. And in more than one case, it was these thoughtful statement-making details that helped the following actresses make quite an entrance as they stepped onto the red carpet.

Ahead, check out our favourite looks from last night’s ceremony, and the ones that everyone will be buzzing about today.

[Source:- whowhatwear]