Kristen’s Other Passion

KRISTEN STEWART has revealed that her creative talents may take her away from the acting path and onto the musical route. The Twilight actress, who is currently in the middle of promoting her new film, American Ultra, disclosed that as long as she can shake off others’ judgement, it’s something that she’d love to pursue.Kristen Stewart’s career started in 1999. She is pictured here at the LA premiere of 2002’s Panic Room in which she starred with Jodie Foster.”I’ve always liked playing guitar and I’ve really started playing better music a lot this year,” she told Nylon. “That’s always been intimidating for me because if you’ve been good at one thing and everyone, from a young age, is like ‘That’s what you’re good at’, it’s hard to step out of that and explore other things, because you’re like, ‘No that’s what I do.”














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