From carnations to cat tatts: this week’s fashion trends

Gloria Vanderbilt with Frank Sinatra, who was one of her lovers.

 Gloria Vanderbilt with Frank Sinatra, who was one of her lovers. Photograph: Bettmann Archive

Going up 

Counting lovers The late Gloria Vanderbilt’s antidote to sleepless nights. Beats sheep.

Reality TV ASMR From Keeping Up With The Kardashians to Drag Race, the biggest bust-ups on telly sound better dubbed with soothing whispers.

Carnations Granny blooms no more, Virgil just put them on his Off/White catwalk – get yours for a snip at Aldi.

The name Joan Collins, yes, but also Alexa Chung’s pre-collection and excellent retail site, Joan The Store.

Wholesome selfies Frank Ocean’s Instagram speciality, according to Man Repeller. See @blonded for details.

Fancy bucket hats The rave classic is suddenly smart. Exclusive at Harrods, Stephen Jones’ £560 Dior hats are complete with logo and net veil. (See also: leopard print, & Other Stories, £27.)

Going down

Reese’s peanut butter cups
 Have Reese’s peanut butter cups had their day? Photograph: Alamy

Peanut butter cups Yes they’re great, but have you tried Pret’s Almond Butter Bites? Doisy & Dam’s Nut Butter Cups? Well, then.

Floaty frills Shirred fabrics are taking over this summer’s dresses and we are here for it.

Cat tatts Faux tattoo sleeves for feline folk are a thing, but are we keen? Purrrhaps not.

Sourdough It’s all about a baguette RN. The summer holiday amnesty on fluffy white bread is a time-honoured tradition. Even tastier: the sequin Fendi baguette bag, reissued this month for its 20th anniversary.

Chamomile Lavender is the calming shrub du jour thanks to Jacquemus’s latest show in Provence. Bees love it, moths hate it. We’re sold.

Your suitcase Luggage is having a moment. See luxury brand Rimowa or Patagonia for an eco take.