Four form fashion festival

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FOUR local designers have formed their own fashion event entitled the Fiji Fashion Festival which will take place in June 2018 for the first time.

Fashion Council of Fiji Chairperson Faraz Ali launched the event in Suva last night where he said the new event would be the only fashion platform endorsed by the council.

There are several other fashion events in the country, the biggest three of which is the Fiji Fashion Week, Project Jejemon and Style Fiji.

“It is the only fashion platform that is endorsed by the Fashion Council of Fiji. It’s founded by the members of the Fashion Council of Fiji, by four members in particular who are now trustees,” Mr Ali said.

While he didn?t say which four members in particular are behind the show, he said it would be more of a trade platform.

According to its website, the leaders of the FFC are Neisau Tuidraki (Secretary), Rachel Fairfax (Vice Chair), Robert Kennedy (Vice Chair) and Carolyn Ah Koy (Treasurer).

Mr Ali said another strong focus of the new fashion platform is the goal of developing Suva’s as a Pacific fashion capital.

The event will take place June 1-2, about a month after the start of the fashion season which normally begins with the 11 year old Fiji Fashion Week in May.

“We will be selective about who gets to show, who gets to be there and who gets to be a part of it because we want to have a quality very very high,” he said.

“We want the designers to actually sell and to build businesses post festival. We don’t want them to just show and then that’s it and wait for the next one.”

An all-day designer shown is according to Mr Ali a brand new to Fiji concept which would take place during the two day event.