Angelina On The Refugee Crisis

ANGELINA JOLIE has joined with Baroness Arminka Helic to write a piece for The Times, appealing for those fleeing war to be given priority over economic migrants as Europe strives to get a grip on the refugee crisis. Helic, who was herself displaced by the Nineties war in the Balkans, and Jolie make a clear distinction between those fleeing “extreme poverty” and those “facing an immediate need to be saved from persecution and death” – and assert that the problem will not be solved without addressing the conflict that is causing the influx of migrants.

AT no time in recent history has there been a greater need for leadership to deal with the consequences and causes of the global refugee crisis. Nothing brings home this truth more than the sight of columns of refugees marching across European borders, from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Migrants arriving from Hungary crowd into a holding space at Munich Hauptbahnhof railway station this weekend.
The Syria conflict has created a wave of human suffering that has rolled out across the region and now reached the shores of Europe. Syrians are fleeing barrel bombs, chemical weapons, rape and massacres. Their country has become a killing field.

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