Amazing taper fade haircuts popularized in 2015

There are men’s hairstyles and there is what 2015 has made trendy. Now these are hairstyles on a whole other level. Men from across the globe want to try out these styles. Featuring predominantly on the list is the amazing taper fade haircut. This is one look that has men and women going all crazy in excitement. The men are feeling really good about their new found hairstyles and women are just impressed by this improvement. The men’s hairstyles clubhas been touted to be the source of clever ideas for men’s hair. Fashionable hairstyles for men are in no short supply here.

Try out this taper fade cut

There are several features of the taper fade haircut that sell it out to many men. This is of course aside from the fact that it is extremely stunning. The taper fade is so simple to maintain. There is no man who wants to spend the whole day checking whether their hair has lost its position. The taper fade cut is just perfect for such men. Secondly, it is a versatile look that allows many men to change their look significantly. This look can be tweaked in so many ways. Moreover, there are several different types of the taper fade haircut. These include:

  • The classic taper

This is something you might have spotted in those 80s movies. The classic taper as recent as it might be is a modification of a look from back in the day. It is a very professional haircut that will allow you to go to the interview without raising eyebrows. You can decide on the length of your hair at the top. Two inches is often the best for this professional cut. The sides and back will be clipped off. Specify where you want to part your hair at the top and where you want the fade to end.

  • Disconnected undercut fade

You might be wondering whether people are still doing undercuts. Yes, they are! This is a hair style that is going to be in existence for a really long time. The disconnected undercut fade is an extremely modern look that combines the wavy elements of the pompadour with the excellence of an undercut. The length of hair at the crown will have to be good because what you want to do is show that sharp contrast between the crown, the sides and back.

  • High fade

With this style, the hair basically disappears entirely within 2-inches from the crown. This is the maximum length of the fade. Essentially it means that you can do a shorter distance from the crown and it will still be a high fade.

  • Low fade

This is the total opposite of the high fade. The hair tapers gradually and extends down at the back and on the sides of the head. If you were blessed with sideburns then this is great for you because when it is coupled with facial hair the low fade makes everything look connected.

It would not be fair to close without mentioning the afro fade. This one is popular with African American men. It works perfect for men with curly hair. Facial hair accentuates the look of this hairstyle, especially sideburn or a goatee.