25 hilarious sentences overheard at New York Fashion Week

Giambattista Valli haute couture Paris Fashion Week

It might be New York Fashion Week, but ain’t nobody talkin’ about the clothes on the runway.

1. “That’s not Leah Remini; that’s Naya Rivera.”​

2. “That outfit! It’s like he’s just completely given up on ever having sex.”

“Sex he doesn’t have to pay for, you mean.”

​3. “I’m crying on the inside.”

​4. “Werk the trashcan! Werk! Werk!”

​5. “It never looks that good when a bird shits in my hair.”

​6. “Did I ever tell you that stripper reached out to me again?”

7. “Why are my balls a constant topic of conversation for you people?”

​8. “She can only speak in fortune cookie-isms.”

9. “These people want to be famous, so they have to talk to us.”

10. “We are just the most!”

“The most desperate.”

11. “They’re all monsters.”

12. “She just needs to get laid.”

“There aren’t enough plastic surgeons in the world.”

13. “That front row is proof that her clothes don’t look good on anyone.”

14. “I love that show. It’s always the best in the most spectacularly whorey way.”

15. “I could do that. I could put cocks on things.”

16. “Her face is at least 50 percent fillers.”

17. “I burned my tampon”

“No one cares.”

18. “What was she inspired by? Bed Bath and Beyond?”

19. “This could be our Sharknado.”

20. “They’re showing the collection in some big glass box.””Wow. Boxy clothes in a boxy space. How revolutionary!”

21. “You’re so cranky and middle aged.””Yeah. Pretty much.”

22. “You don’t understand man-bangs. Respect the layers!”

23. “I’m dyslexic, but whimsical.”

24. “Ow! My face!”

25. “I don’t believe in ‘friendships.'”


[Source:- cosmopolitan]