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Summary The Turning Point

Ry good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amaz. I loved this book I couldn t put it down I am a huge fan of Freya s work but whether you ve read every one of her novels or this is the first this is an extraordinary read Her characters are your best friends Her story opens your imagination I went down a road I didn t expect and I adored it I thought I knew what it was about and that was great but then when it was over I realized it was about so much Somehow Freya takes the simple and makes it uite remarkable I can t wait for her next one

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The Turning Point

Ed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. When Frankie meets Scott in a London hotel she is due to meet up with her publisher She is a children s author of the well loved Alice series of stories Scott is staying in London recording the score for a film for which he has composed the musical accompaniment She is far from her home in the north of Norfolk but he is even farther away from his home in British Columbia Canada But they click and so begins their tender trans Atlantic romance they are soul mates respect each other their relationship is supportive and passionate but also they are frustrated by their long waits to see one another again thankful of their ability to email Face time and communicate by text messages and phone callsHer family and friends are firmly set against their escalating relationship They say it cannot survive long term and she will come out of the relationship heartbroken They are worried about her His family and friends are amazed by the change in him and are very keen to meet Frankie They are happy for him and supportive All this changes when they holiday in each other s homes Frankie s family see how right they are for each other and Scott s family fall in love with Frankie just like he had because although they are physically divided by space and time so they are united by their deep commitment to each other their mutual love of nature music and so much They take a chance on love and this story tells of how their lives and the lives of their children are about to change beyond beliefI was totally amazed and delighted by this beautiful novel I will never forget it It absorbed all of my thoughts and time and I really didn t want it to end In my mind the story flows on because I cannot leave it behind The storytelling was superb the descriptions almost lyrical and the actual route of the novel was extraordinarily well conceived It was a total emotional rollercoaster with a heart stopping twist totally unexpected but full of empathy and compassion I cried tears of joy and sadness and was totally invested in the journey right from the beginning and way beyond the end The characters were so believable and true to life that I loved them all Scott in particular He was such a nice man and he and Frankie fitted together like a cosy pair of gloves one useless without the other I loved the insight into their lives and stories and I was totally awed by the massive amount of research and vision into the various aspects of the story adding greatly to the impact of the storylineThis is an absolute gem of a novel and it s a definite all round and well deserved 5 review in my opinion I ll be highly recommending it to anyone who will listen to me and I m so glad I finally picked it out from my pile of to be read books

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Best Kindle, The Turning Point By subtense.co.uk This is ve. Freya North s the Turning Point starts with a chance meeting first on the Tube in London and then later in a hotel bar That chance meeting leads to Frankie a children s book author and Scott a Canadian musician embarking on what starts as a one night stand and evolves uickly into a long distance relationship It is uite simply two people finding the loves of their lives after initial missteps with other peopleAs they struggle to deal with the logistics and the distance the doubts and the initial reticence of family and friends Frankie and Scott throw themselves into the business of loving each otherand their love is intense and rich and beautiful So many wonderful moments depicted so many times when their frustration at the distance is palpable And having been through nearly three years of a long distance relationship when I was in the US and the love of my life was in Sweden I could relate completely to Frankie s longing to be elsewhere even when she knew that staying in Norfolk was best for her childrenHeart wrenching beautifully written and packing an emotional punch that will resonatethe Turning Point is the sort of novel that doesn t leave you I finished reading it a week ago and I am still thinking about Frankie and Scott A fantastic novel Freya North I can t wait to read your next offering

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    Freya North's the Turning Point starts with a chance meeting first on the Tube in London and then later in a hotel bar. That chance meeting leads to Frankie (a children's book author) and Scott (a Canadian musician) embarking on what starts

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    I think I just read the perfect love story!

    There is nothing I can say that would describe the sheer beauty of the writing, t

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    I loved these characters. I was worried for them and their love as I couldn’t see how they could amalgamate their lives where woul

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    Did I enjoy this book?
    Yes. I liked all the characters in the book and it was a pleasant read.

    Is it a page turne

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    While this was a lovely story I was disappointed in the ending. After all the characters went through couldn’t the author have given them a happily ever after? I am sure this story could strike a chord with some, but I can get depressed enough all by myself. Not on the same level as Pillow Talk or Secrets.

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    I loved this book. I couldn't put it down. I am a huge fan of Freya's work, but whether you've read every one of her novels or this is the first, this is an extraordinary read. Her characters are your best friends. Her story opens your imagina

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    It was enjoyable with some laugh out moments and other moments when you are reaching for the tissues. I personally found the main character a little irritating at times but that is me than the book. Having read this, I will definitely try some books by Freya North.

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    Although the book was well written for my personal taste it was too dull and predictable. Almost a little 'cheesy' yawn, yawn. Everything was too perfect and it did not hold my attention. However should you manage to get through to the end albeit having to skip too many over descriptive perfect scenarios once the 'twist' arrived it was very e

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    When Frankie meets Scott in a London hotel she is due to meet up with her publisher. She is a children’s author of the well loved ‘Alice’ series of stories. Scott is staying in London recording the score for a film for which he has composed the musical accompaniment. She is far from her home in the north of Norfolk, but he is even farther away from his home in British Columbia, Canada. But they click and so begins their tender trans A

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    Well this is a wee bit different! I downloaded this book back in 2017, but have only just got round to reading it. Not sure why it’s taken me so long. Don’t remember it or recognise the cover. Freya North is a new writer to me, but I’m loving this book so far; I’m still in Part 1 (there are chapters, but no chapter numbers). It’s w

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    I can't remember how I stumbled across this but am glad I did. Not one for romantic books, I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and give it a go anyway. What a lovely surprise it was so well written and just flowed all the way to the end. The characters was engaging and the descriptions of Canada left me

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    Bought this book on the strength of the reviews and Freya being a popular author. Unfortunately the storyline takes an absolute age to unfurl and moved so slowly with such lengthy descriptions that I just flipped through a lot of it.
    The d

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    One of the most beautiful stories I have read and so very profound. Wonderful characters. Made me laugh, made me cry and made me think, about life. I think we can all learn something from this story. Will stay with me for a long time.