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Man Empire s finest warriors Determined to capture Malta and use its port to launch operations against Europe Suleiman sent overwhelming forces A few thousand defenders in Fort Saint Elmo fought to the last man When the Turks c great read historically faithful

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The Great Siege: Malta 1565

Aptured the fort they took no prisoners mutilating the defenders bodies The Knights leader reciprocated by decapitating his Turkish prisoners and using their heads to cannonade the enemy Then the battle for Malta began in earne Well written and very interesting

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Suleiman the Magnificent sultan of the Ottoman Empire andthe most powerful ruler in the world was determined to conuer Europe Only one thing stood in his way the island of Malta occupied by the Knights of Saint John the Holy Ro Although I uite enjoyed this book it is a history written shortly after WW2 As a result it is a history written as a cracking good story than as a sober objective work I found it uite reminiscent of the great Sir Charles Oman s various books Although Bradford uses primary sources he isn t really too critical of them Honestly the book seems at times to be a hagiography of Grand Master Jean de Valette than anything else Still Bradford certainly makes history come alive in his account of this epic siege replete with gallant heroes and dastardly villains As I read histories for enjoyment not academic research I d recommend this book

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    Although I uite enjoyed this book it is a history written shortly after WW2 As a result it is a history written as a cracking good

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    This is an excellent audio book of a book originally published in 1961 by British historian Ernle pronounced Ern Lee Bradford about the Ottoman attack on the island of Malta in 1565 intended to subjugate Malta and eliminate the Order of the Knights of Malta as a player in Mediterranean military and political affairsIn the 1950s and 1960s Ernle Bradford wrote a number of books about significant events in Medit

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    Fantastic read full of detail and background The analysis of the Ottoman leadership conflicts was very insightful I love military historical fiction and although this was non fiction it was as exciting a page tur

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    I read this first when still a late teenager It is a truly remarkable account of a watershed in European history marking effectively the point at which the Ottoman control of the Mediterranean was checked and began its retreatThe odds against the Knights were incredible and their bravery and leadership was unparalledThis book made me want to visit the Island to re viisit the sites which I did this year

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    Crisp clear informative the way history should be written Spare in it s analysis allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions

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    great read historically faithful

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    Well written and very interesting

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    Excellently written and very enjoyable I want to visit Malta

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    I love history and have read countless history books but this book is a cut above most It reads like a Boys Own adventure with gore and will keep you in the edge of your seat I m not going into detail with regard t

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    A complex military operation explained clearly and with an astounding degree of detail in terms of the feats of individuals Behind the detail of the siege itself the author sets out the political scenario that has the Knights being virtually left to their own devices to prevent an invasion which if successful would have facilitate

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    I had never heard of this Siege until this book was recommended to me by a friend I knew about the Knights of Malta but had not appreciated how important they were in halting the Muslim expansion westwards along the Mediterranean A fascinating and detailed account about how the Knights of St John and the Maltese people survived the

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    I read this book whilst holidaying in Malta I found it well written and interesting helped of course by being able to see and visit the various places mentioned in the story I found the level of detail was enough for me to come away knowing far about the siege yet it did not become bogged down in lengthy debates

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    The 1565 Siege of Malta is a story of incredible courage and refusal to admit defeat which captured the imagination of al