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In Nothing unusual there then just a pretty normal Christmas holiday for DI Resnick and his teamNormal that is until Dana Matthieson calls to report her flatmate Nancy missingDana's had a pretty grim Christmas herself she's been sexually harassed by. This was my first Charlie Resnick novel and I remember being pretty impressed Harvey s one of the rare genre writers in this case crime fiction who transcends genre Cold Light in some ways reminds you of Ed McBain s cop novels The main story the tragic disappearance of young woman on Christmas Eve is told from a variety of viewpoints with numerous side stories that in the end contribute rather than detract from the main story Harvey s eye for detail is impressive Cold Light takes place in the early 90s the tale end of Thatcher s England What a bleak place and time This is underscored immediately as a young w

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'Forty eight hours that's what they reckon isn't it Forty eight hours If you don't find them in that likely they're sodding dead'A cabbie's just been beaten up there's a drunk and disorderly in the interview room and a possible child abuser on the way. This was a fastpaced murder and kid knapping mystery It took place in London England The character development was wonderful The suspense was very good It kept me at the edge of my seat I recommend this book highly Enjoy and Be Blessed Diamond

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Her boss and may even have lost her job as well as her friend Pretty soon the police have proof that Nancy was kidnapped and then as the New Year celebrations wind down the first tape arrives and Resnick knows they're dealing with a dangerous psychopa. Another satisfying Charlie Resnick novel We continue to learn about Charlie and are treated to an interesting story These books make me happy

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    This was a fastpaced murder and kid knapping mystery It took place in London England The character development was

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    The Charlie Resnick series is one of my favorite British police procedurals Resnick is a rather gentle sad complicated smart and intuitive ma

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    Cold Light by John HarveyAnother very good novel in the Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick series set in Nottingham As expected we find Charlie still living alone in the formal matrimonial home with his cats and the occasional jazz music when he has time to relax It’s Christmas when Nancy Phelon goes missing following a Christmas Eve dinner and dance The suspects are four previous boyfriends and Gary James who recen

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    This is a detailed and competent police procedural with generally strong writing You really get a sense of how law enforcement operates and the burdens it places on police both professionally and personally It's readable if perhaps a bit overlongBut it could have been a whole lot better There are almost thirty characters of conseuence whic

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    This was my first Charlie Resnick novel and I remember being pretty impressed Harvey's one of the rare genre writers in this

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    A very satisfying police procedural from the master British crime writer and I don't for a minute mean to damn with faint praise In this book pretty much smack in the middle of the Inspector Charlie Resnick series our protagonist is confronted with the disappearance of a young woman whom he met briefly after she had a tense confrontation in her social work office with a disgruntled home renter who of course becomes a suspect After a Christm

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    Most book series reuire the reader to start at the beginning because of development of characterization But with John Harvey's engaging 6th Charlie Resnick novel Cold Light those rules do not applyA few minor adjustments t

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    Another satisfying Charlie Resnick novel We

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    35 stars A decent book but 23 years old I prefer to read mysteries which were written closer to the present My one criticism is that the ending is rather abrupt

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    I like this series and