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Love is at the heart of all we want for ourselves so why shouldn't any human being be able to say I Do to a life of commitment and sharing with that special personWe hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can shareThat's why some of When I ordered this anthology I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be a set of stories about weddings a subject I ve never found terribly interesting gay or straight Instead I was treated to a set of twenty two short stories about partnership and some of the issues around it like dealing with step families and deciding how long to stick with a less than satisfactory relationship There is a wonderful mix of the historic and the contemporary of romances and comedies of erotica and bittersweet tales to stir the emotions The stories mostly deal with gay male partnerships although there are three involving lesbian relationships and two with transgendered protagonistsThe uality of the stories was so high that it s almost impossible to decide which ones to pick out in detail I can honestly say that I think every reader would be able to find a handful that they really love if not Rather than attempt to review all twenty two I will give my own highly subjective account of the five that made a particularly strong impression on me Home Cooking by Brian Holiday The setting and time period is deliberately vague giving this romance a timeless uality David a drifter is given first a meal then a job and home by the good natured Scott owner of a small town diner Holiday concentrates on all those little details that really make the diner and the characters come alive in plain yet elouent prose The account of their gently growing love despite the tragic losses in their pasts makes a deceptively simple yet touching story Two Men A Fugue by Sophia Deri Bowen Told in dreamlike flashbacks from the perspective of the day before their wedding the romance of Steve and Adam has an almost unbearable poignancy Punky artist and part time drag ueen Adam doesn t understand at first why he s been set up with solid steady Steve but they soon fall for each other Steve being HIV positive isn t an issue for Adam but it gives the reader a sense of looming tragedy Despite this it is one of the most life affirming stories in the whole anthology and the couple s love is palpable in their affectionate banter Stripes by Nigel Puerasch I fell for the self effacing narrator of this story right from the first paragraph Told in James Australian surfer dialect the prose is captivating and every line seems perfectly in character This is another romance story where James meets the delectable Mattie on the beach but nearly messes everything up because of his low self esteem The combination of na vety gentle humour and urgent lust is a winning one and I just love the payoff in the final two paragraphs Aim Higher by J L Merrow Of all the comic stories in the anthology this one delighted me the most Told from the perspective of a young teenage girl this story is narrated in first person present tense which gives it an immediacy and charm Simone is bothered by her invisible friend who just happens to be the Greek god Eros and is intent on finding her a boyfriend whether she wants one or not I don t want to give away any but suffice to say EricEros ends up very happy when he finally manages to bring a couple together Ganymede by Lenore Black A stunningly sensual tale of enthusiastic American winemaker Michael s pursuit of the chance to learn from Italian master vintner Carlo Every word paints a vivid picture of the charms of Italy and Michael s mysterious host the luscious language giving the whole story an erotic charge I can see why it was chosen as the final story in the anthology as it leaves you with such beautiful images and a sense of wonderful possibilities for the two menIt seems so unfair to single any of the stories out as there was so much to enjoy in all of them from the delightfully characterful narrators of Alex Beecroft s Inner Truth and Bruin Fisher s Work Experience to the bitter sweet beauty of Ruth Sim s The Legend of Mountain Ash L J Baker s Mallory s Gift and Jamie Freeman s Ships That Pass There were exuisitely erotic moments in James Buchanan s Touche and D C Juris Even Guys Cry and sophisticated comedy in Lee Rowan s Turnabout and Charlie Cochrane s The Uneven Chance I also loved the sweetness of the relationships shown in The Song Inside by Nexis Pas and Nathan Burgoine s Cakewalk Indeed the only two stories that didn t work so well for me were the vampire story Morbidly Obese by Rick R Reed and the comedy by Michael Gouda Hitched My problem with the first is that I will always find it difficult to have sympathy for a cold blooded murderer and with the second that it seemed like a seuel or a second chapter rather than a story in its own right They were both perfectly well written though and I m sure other readers will enjoy themIn short I can t recommend this anthology highly enough and it s given me a tantalising taste of many authors I intend to read from

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Lmer; Brian Holliday; Rob Rosen; Sophia Deri Bowen; Nigel Puerasch; Rick R Reed; Nexis Pas; Michael Gouda; Nathan Burgoine Jamie Freeman Bruin Fisher DC Juris James Buchanan L J Baker Charlie Cochrane Neil S Plakcy Julia Rios JL Merrow Lenore Black It s always a puzzle how to review a book in whichyou have a story Naturally any author worth hisher salt is going to think her story is the best We re just made that way Mine is a historical that combines realism and fantasy The Legend of the Mountain AshThe length subject style and heat level in the collection vary wildly from story to story as you would expect with this many authors Some stories are going to appeal to one person and some stories appeal to someone else There are a few though not as many as you might think that are sexually explicit There is both fantasy and reality intricate and simple There is humor and there is heartbreakNot only are the stories varied and entertaining all proceeds go to Lambda Legal to help in the never ending USA battle to secure eual marriage rights for LGBT citizens Did you ever sueeze a partially filled balloon The bulge of air moves around from here to there depending on where you sueeze it The marriage fight has been like that Never settled And regardless how you feel about the issue you ll find something in the book to enjoy

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The leading authors of GLBT fiction have donated their talent and their heart warming thought provoking life affirming stories to this anthology in aid of Lambda Legal Fund's fight for marriage eualityRuth Sims; Alex Beecroft; Lee Rowan; Gillian Pa Full disclosure I m in this book but let me further preface a little to chat a bit about the purpose of I DO TWO Right on the bright cover it subtitles itself with An anthology in support of marriage euality I m going to say it once again before I begin I am truly blessed to live in a country where my husband and I are just that husbands In every legal definition thereofI loved this collection I m stunned at the company I m keeping and have to point out my favorites of the anthologyThe Song Inside by Nexis PasThis story is touching on many levels The main characters are very much a pair of everyman types with a subtlety in their conversation and description that makes them uite lovable The story a piece about these two gentle souls looking for a new place to live together is woven with such a style that you it leaves you positively warmed Definitely one of my favorites of the anthologyEven Guys Cry by DC JurisAnother favorite in the anthology DC Juris tackles a story rarely told a transgendered romance This story is romantic erotic and thought provoking all at the same time and it brought to mind my transgendered friends and their struggles in a sort of everyman way which speaks to how well the story is written Tenderness breathes throughout the taleWork Experience by Bruin FisherThis story was excellent Told from a young man s point of view we hear the voice of a gay youth working with his father to help renovate a kitchen and watch as his awareness of being different and his knowledge of his father s intolerance clash When the pair work on a gay couple s kitchen the young man finally has a view of a regular gay couple something he d never seen prior and the realization is nothing short of wonderful Hat s off to Bruin as this was definitely one of my favorite stories in the anthologyMallory s Gift by L J BakerAnother favorite this exceptionally moving story is about Gerry who has a lonely Christmas ahead of her friends inclined to meddle in her non existent dating life and a loss that is holding her a step removed from life Gerry lived and breathed in the story with a verisimilitude that was evocative and absolutely real Beautifully done and incredibly touchingElephants in Her Tea by Julia RiosHaving grown up with wild stories about her Great Aunt Hortensia including the title inspiring tale of how Hortensia took elephants in her tea Fiona has always assumed her father made up the character as a kind of bedtime story After his passing no mention of Hortensia was ever made but at the start of this tale the death notice for Great Aunt Hortensia is slid under Fiona s door and she learns that perhaps there s to her family and of it wonderful than she s ever known This short piece was delightful and made me smile ear to earAim Higher by JL MerrowI loved this story which is the rarest of things a funny nay hilarious tale with a romantic slice cut through it Poor Simone has a guest in the form of Eros yeah Cupid who will not leave her alone and is convincing the rest of the world that she s nuts because he s so annoying she can t stop yelling at him He s determined to find her a true love and she s determined to get rid of him Eros is cute and all but he s not the brightest and he really needs to leave her be I had to put the book down while I read this story because I was laughing so hard at a few choice passages Definite favorite

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    When I ordered this anthology I had a sneaking suspicion that it would be a set of stories about weddings a subject I've never found terribly interesting gay or straight Instead I was treated to a set of twenty two short stories about partnership and some of the issues around it like dealing with step families and decidi

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    “Turnabout” by Lee RowanIt’s Christmas morning and Lord Robert Scoville finally has a chance to relax and enjoy the

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    I Do Two is the seuel to the successful and popular anthology to benefit the Lambda Legal Defense New and repeat authors have joined forces to offer a packed collection of stories celebrating all facets of LGBT Included are 22 stories of love sex and marriage from historical to contemporary with humor whimsy sadness and hope Above all this an

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    Even Guys Cry by DC JurisThis short story stands out in the I Do Two anthology It is a touching and tendor love story of self acceptance DC Juris has written it with a sublime balance of vulnerability strength sex humor I found myself laughing and then crying within the same paragraphs It unveiled the mysteries of a transgender male as the character was laid bare and revealed in a loving moving story I look

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    The second in the wonderful euality project created by Alex Beecroft Less explicit but with a wonderful mix of GLB and the oft neglected T characters by writers of all persuasions and many nationalities Real diversity in the service of euality all profits go to Lambda Legal to carry on the fight for eual marriage rights

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    Full disclosure I'm in this book but let me further preface a little to chat a bit about the purpose of I DO TWO

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    It's always a puzzle how to review a book in whichyou have a story Naturally any author worth hisher salt is going to think her story is the best We're just made that way Mine is a historical that combines realism

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    I skipped stories from authors that rate all their books It's not the case with those that only rate antologies; I still don't like it but I can understand it like a recognition to their co authorsThe Legend of Mountain Ash by Ruth Sims 3 stars Inner Truth by Alex Beecroft 2 stars Turnabout by Lee Rowan 25 starsUnder the Shadow of Your Wings by Gillian Palmer 2 stars Home Cooking by Brian Holiday 4 stars Mister Right by Rob Rosen Skipped T

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    I loved this anthology Each story was uniue and well written There was also a good mix of FF trans teens storiesPOVs LGBT families with children funny serious sad romantic oddball and insanely happy stories At least two were follow ups to novels I'd previously read which was nice Over all a fantastic read and even better than the first anthology by the same name which I recall having mixed feelings about

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    Some real gems; while the anthology is not a style of reading I particularly enjoy both Alex Beecroft's lovely slice of life and Neil Plakcy's dip into his protoganist's partner's point of view made this whole book a very pleasant read