Pip Desmond Summary Trust A True Story of Women Gangs

  • Hardcover
  • 320
  • Trust A True Story of Women Gangs
  • Pip Desmond
  • English
  • 05 November 2018
  • 9781869792435

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    Interesting read on the disadvantages of women Maori in particular in the late 70's New Zealand It tells of their hardships in growing up in abusive families and their affiliations with gangs

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    This book sounds like one written by your friend Maybe because it was Pip gives an interesting insight into gangs and the 1970s in NZ which I knew next to nothing about In that way it is great However she lacks the pizazz of a real w

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Trust A True Story of Women Gangs

In 1977 an idealistic young doctor's daughter fresh out of university knocked on the door of a run down old house in inner city Wellington She was greeted by a woman in a black power t shirt with metal in her nose and a bird tattoed on her left cheek 'Whaddya want'the woman growledSo began Pip Desmond's extraordinary time as a member of Aroha Trust a work cooperative set up in the heady years of feminism c.

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Ommunity activism and the first stirrings of the Maori renaissanceFor three years this uniue unruly group of girls did 'men's work' lived together and stood side by side against a backdrop of gang violence police harassment and a society that mostly didn't want to knowWhen the government changed the rules for relief work Aroha Trust folded but the friendships endured As well as being a memoir Trust tells t.

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He women's stories much of it in their own words with the respect and compassion that comes from a shared bond over 30 yearsBy turns angry hair raising tender frightening and heartbreaking Trust above all celebrates the women's struggles to overcome thier pasts and build a future for their children As a uniue insight into New Zealand's social history and a way to understand women and gangs it is without pe.