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Lovable dog and an abused young woman whom she teaches self defense She also discovers a new talent when a group of pages is trapped by bandits and suddenly the other pages must call on the only lady to lead them Alternate Cover for same ISBNhttpswwwgoodreadscombookshow1. What I liked Keladry She grows on me with each book I read She s just such a normal girl trying so hard to prove to everyone that she can be as good as any boy and she ll stop at nothing until everyone sees it She trains harder and longer than the others and it really shows how dedicated she is to the life of a hero And in this book Kel shows that she really thinks those below her should be treated with respect Lalasa She begins the book as a timid little mouse and she slowly begins to open up thanks to Kel and Kel s friends She really grows and that character growth doesn t seem fake or rushed I really believed that Lalasa was becoming her own woman Secondary characters Neal is a personal favorite of mine but I also like Merrick Wyldon and Daine when she makes her little appearances throughout the series They add some humor to the series and they all shape Kel and help her grow as a person I also love Neal and Kel s relationship with one another despite the age difference they re like best friends and it seemed only natural that Kel would develop feelings for him eventually The ending It was perfect It showed that not everyone is being won over by Kel s perseverance and dedication and that there are still people who want her to fail I knew that Kel would do the right thing and I think her willingness to save Lalasa was the final thing that proved to Wyldon that Kel had earned her place at the palaceWhat I disliked Pace There were chunks of this book where it seemed like not a lot happened but I was pretty easy to overlook since there was always some interesting character interaction or training segmentsOverall this was a pretty awesome book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a love of fantasy magic strong female heroines and Tamora Pierce It has action and character development and drama and I ve reread this series several times and I ll probably reread it again 45

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Ladies have no place bearing armsso say many in the kingdom of Tortall Of course that hasn't stopped Keladry of Mindelan from pursuing her dream of becoming a knightIn this second book of the Protector of the Small uartet Kel's hardships continue as she fights the prejud. Oh these books every time I read them it s like visiting a best friend I adore Kel today as much as I did when these books were first published I will forever be grateful to Tamora Pierce for creating this fantastic heroine because bless her she is real Kel doesn t have the Gift or any wild magic to help her She gets everything only through grimy hard work and persistence just like the rest of us and I admire her so much for it I reread these books ALL THE TIME because I need that I need to know that I can crawl out of the mud and be my own hero no magic reuired

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Ices that come with being a girl while maintaining the rigorous training of a page Kel's skills aren't the only things that are developing Her feelings for her best friend Neal are changingin a very uncomfortable way Luckily Kel has some new allies including an ugly but. 1 First Test 2 Page 3 Suire This review can also be found on my blogcw past abuse attempted assault For the first time she could understand how someone in a rage might do murder How dare you touch an unwilling woman she askedThis book follows Kel through her second third and fourth years as a page I was surprised that this was all to be packed into one book but it made sense that there was only so much to be covered once the probationary period was out of the way We get to see the return of all Kel s friends along with meeting some new ones including her new maid Lalasa Lalasa is a great character in her own right a young woman who has suffered from great abuse at the hands of men She is timid when she first enrolls in Kel s service but uickly comes into her own with the page s encouragement We get to see Lalasa develop alongside Kel in a mirror image of sorts It s really nice to see this friendship between women blossom in such a male centric environmentKel also has to deal with the beginnings of puberty while undergoing her trials as a page One thing I love about Tamora Pierce is that she s not afraid to write the real stuff She s blunt and honest without being crude Kel begins to grow breasts experiences several jumps in height and gets her first period If only we also lived in a world where a magical talisman was the solution but I guess we have birth controlIt s also really great to see Kel further dealing with her phobia As revealed in the first book her terror of heights came out of previous emotional abuse she experienced from her brother While resistant at first she knows that overcoming or at least confronting these fears are key to her becoming a knight As someone who has dealt with severe anxiety I think it s really important to see strong characters who struggle with it as well Overall I continue to adore Kel as a character and find her story fun to follow I usually don t tend to like lawful good characters as I find them a bit boring but Tammy is a master of developing people you love to read about I mean how can you not love a girl knight to be taking down abusers I d definitely recommend this book and the series to any lovers of Tamora Pierce as well as readers of YA fantasy

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    Keladry is now a page Although she is not on probation any she still has to prove herself to her training master teachers peers and the king himself seeing that unfortunately women do not become knights in Keladry’s world with the Lioness as the only exception so far But Keladry knows she can do it if she never loses sight of her goal and puts her mind and body to it The training is rough but she excels because she pra

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    Everyone should read Tamora Pierce Not just fantasy readers not just young readers but anyone who enjoys a good tale And who doesn't? If you've read Tamora Pierce then you already know what I meanTamora never tries to win an award for the most confuscated use of the English language She never lets language get in the way of her story She writ

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    Oh these books every time I read them it's like visiting a best friend I adore Kel today as much as I did when these books were first published; I will forever be grateful to Tamora Pierce for creating this fantast

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    I'm back with Kel and her pals as she makes her way through the four years of being a page There's still not too much here to distinguish it from the Alanna uartet even if it is better paced Kel's still having to deal with idiots of all ages who can't understand why a girl would want to be a knight and keep expecting her

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    I need to take a moment to point out that Kel at eleven is five foot three in other words taller than I'll ever be AnywayNo stranger

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    #1 First Test ★★★★#2 Page ★★★★#3 Suire ★★★★★ This review can also be found on my blogcw past abuse attempted assaul

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    After being in a reading slump for ONE FREAKING MONTH this book was my breath of life Tamora's books are beautifully written with amazing characters that you love or love to hate Definitely going to get books 3 and 4 ASAP

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    WHYYY isn't Suire waiting at the library for me yet? MUST READ NOWI continue to love this series This one was the Puberty Book in which Keladry grows breasts gets her period and starts attracting male attention She's kind of oblivious to it though which is amusing I hope she and Neal get to make out at some pointAnyway Kel gets a dog and a

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    What I liked Keladry She grows on me with each book I read She’s just such a normal girl trying so hard to prov

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    I don't even think I have words to describe how I am feeling right now Kel was always my favourite having been the first set of books I read by Tamora Pierce but rereading this series for the 3rd time I think? I'm just in love with everythingThe characters the writing the plotthe funny banter between the pages and the suires But most of all Keladry She's so strong and resolute intelligent and calm and she has the makings of an incredible