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The Case of Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac

Domination which affected the case of the Archbishop He shows the difficulties of Stepinac as an ardent Croat in trying to live from 1941 1945 with an indepedent Croatian government which was largely a puppet of the Germans and Italians and which was guilty of excesses which he could not control Then the author takes up the trial presenting in full the indictment statements of the communist public prosecutor the addresses of the attornies for the defense and the hard hitting reply of Stepinac at the close of the trialClimax of the work is 72 documents arranged according to the terms of the indictment and consisting of pastoral letters of the Yugoslav hierarchy letters by the Archbishop to individuals circular letters to the clergy sermons preached by Stepinac memoranda regarding aid given to various people and other material which gives a clear picture of the Archbishop's sympathies activities and reactions during the.

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Ustasha regime in Croatia and the Tito regime which followed Many of the documents introduced by Mr Pattee have never before appeared in English; many were brought out of Yugoslavia secretly by various persons The effect of the great weight of authentic evidence is to establish the Archbishop's innocence in the light of Western noncommunist law and to prove that his case was prejudged before the trial Never before has there been such a comprehensive and authoritative array of documents statements and evidence to show the innocence of Archbishop Stepinac This volume demonstrates graphically and elouently the whole mechanism of Stepinac's staged trial the faked evidence and the distortion of facts It proves also that despite his rapprochement with the West and break with the Soviet Union Marshal Tito's government is identical in every detail to the communist regimes in Iron Curtain countries and just as morally repugnant.

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When Marshal Tito's secret police arrested Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac on Septemeber 18 1946 the Western World was aroused by this evident act of persecution of religion by communismBut as the trial of the Archbishop began there was confusion among readers of newsapaper accounts because of the many conflicting issues not only of communism vs the Church but Serb against Croat Partisan vs Chetnik and the apparent alliance of German and Italian fascism with the Ustasha party in CraoatiaHere Mr Pattee noted historian and writer has set down authoritatively the facts and for the first time the documents and the indictments in the Stepinac case so that the Western World may understand and judge the trial of the Metropolitan of Yugoslavia He begins with the basic history of the two leading ethnic groups Serbians and Croats outlining the traditional differences in religion character and national striving for independence and.

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