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Thy Neighbor's Wife

Sabrina s got a problem She s in pure uncontrollable lust for her next door neighbor Aaron He s sexy funny andmarried In addition to that he s white Sabrina s friends think she has an overblown case of jungle fever but Sabr.

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Sted in her as she is in him As Aaron s interest in her grows Sabrina wrestles with the dilemma of getting involved or walking away from the man of her dreams Especially when Aaron s wife arrives on her doorstep with bruise.

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Ina thinks he hardly knows she exists That is until Aaron calls her up for lunch one wintry afternoon Soon Sabrina is secretly meeting Aaron at hotels and bowling alleys She is surprised to learn that Aaron s just as intere.

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RaeLynn Blue is the author of numerous tales of erotic interracial romance and speculative romance With an imagination that's varied and diverse her tales explores love in all its many shades situations and scenarios She fell into romance stories at the ripe age of eleven and has been writing stories ever since A humble scribbler of tales RaeLynn is actively writing another story of lust lo

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