Read Twas the Night By Marin.

CHARACTERS Twas the Night

Indeed a picture is worth a thousand words This illustrations only children’s book “tells” a powerf.


Twas the Night

Ul story about a boy who is confined to a wheelchair His compassion is inspiring; his longing for friends.


Hip and capacity to give are heart warmingThe author gently invites you to re imagine the Christmas wonde.

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    'Twas the Night is a uniue children's book in the fact that it has absolutely no words whatsoever It's an actual picture book where readers can make up the story as they go along The story is about a boy in a wheelchair who befriends a bird and dreams of flying using crutches as wings He also gets to meet Santa as he's flying in his sleighI found the book to be inspiring It teaches kids to use their imaginati

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    This book tells an absolutely amazing story with nothing than pictures It has a very deep meaning It is very emotional and a very heartfelt book Marin did an amazing job conveying the emotional feeling in this book Love and humanity for all ♥️