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Humiliated by My Husband and Best Friend

My husband wouldn’t be happy until he had satisfied my best friend's dirtiest desires After Allison and her husband Joe move to a new town Allison has mixed feelings about being reunited with her best friend Natasha On the one hand Natasha is a fun loving free spirit who's eager to spend time with her But Natasha is also a self proclaimed nymphomaniac who happens to be a stunningly beautiful brunette with luscious curves Back in college Natasha used her entrancing beauty to steal men away from Allison These days however Alli.

Summary Humiliated by My Husband and Best Friend

Hat her goal is to steal him away from his wife Joe falls right into Natasha's trap Poor Allison will do anything to win back his attention even if it means serving Natasha's physical needs When presented with the opportunity to sleep with sexy Natasha Joe easily succumbs to his fantasy woman demeaning his inferior wife in the process Humiliated and helpless Allison has no choice but to let her husband make love to her best friend This story contains explicit erotic encounters girl on girl action cuckueaning and wife humiliati.

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Son has no reason to envy her best friend She has a stable marriage with an incredibly handsome and caring man while Natasha is addicted to one night stands and dating apps A last minute dinner party changes everything for the two best friends Allison finds it odd that Natasha has invited herself over but when Joe suggests that he would love to watch his wife play with another woman Allison is curious about bringing his fantasy to life But once Natasha shows up looking gorgeous and openly flirting with Joe it becomes obvious t.

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