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Role as a humanitarian about the meaning of justice and about the very nature of good and evil In To Stop a Warlord Shannon Sedgwick Davis tells the story for the first time of the unprecedented collaboration she helped build with the aim of finally ending Joseph Kony’s war and the unforgettable journey on an unexpected path to peace A powerful memoir that reads like a thriller this is a story that asks us just how hard we would fight for what we believe in100 percent of the author’s net proceeds from this book will go to organizations seeking justice and protection for civilians in conflict zones“This is an extraordinary memoir by an extraordinary leader it’s impossible to read without feeling moved to do to help those with less” Adam Grant New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Tak. A book about a white savior who advocated for Uganda in the ways MANY MANY MANY Ugandans did We should be uplifting the people doing the ground level work and NOT the white American view point

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Children forcing them to become child soldiers After meeting with survivors and community leaders aid workers and lawmakers it was clear that the current international systems were failing to protect the most vulnerable Guided by the strength of her beliefs and convictions Sedgwick Davis knew she had to help other parents to have the same right she had to go to sleep each night knowing that their children were safe But Sedgwick Davis had no roadmap for how to stop a violent armed group She would soon step far outside the bounds of traditional philanthropy and activism and partner her human rights organization the Bridgeway Foundation with a South African private military contractor and a specialized unit within the Ugandan army The journey would bring her to uestion everything she had previously believed about her. In a word inspiring Shannon Sedgwick Davis is a beautiful and honest storyteller and this is a story that needs to be told I was vaguely aware of the conflicts in Uganda and the Invisible Children organization before reading but it was nothing compared to the actual violence and horrendous genocide committed by the LRA and Joseph Kony I found myself reflecting on my ignorance and a deep gratitude for the things I often take for granted like personal safety shelterfood and people who love me I highly recommend this book and felt a nudge to be a little brave in the service of helping others

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One woman’s inspiring true story of an unlikely alliance to stop the atrocities of a warlord proving that there is no limit to what we can do even in the face of unspeakable injustice and impossible odds“This compelling and inspiring book beautifully moves each of us to take action to help the most vulnerable among us” Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu   Late one night in the summer of 2010 Shannon Sedgwick Davis a lawyer human rights advocate and Texas mom to two young boys first met the Ugandan general to discuss an unconventional plan to stop Joseph Kony a murderous warlord who’d terrorized communities in four countries across Central and East Africa For twenty five years Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army had killed over a hundred thousand people displaced millions and abducted tens of thousands of. Incredible story Easily one of the best books I ve ever read

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Shannon Sedgwick Davis is the CEO of Bridgeway Foundation a philanthropic organization dedicated to ending and preventing mass atrocities around the world As an attorney activist and passionate advocate for social justice Shannon has guided Bridgeway Foundation in pioneering solutions to these seemingly intractable issues Prior to joining Bridgeway Foundation in 2007 Shannon served as Vice

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    This is not usually the kind of book I want to pick up for a weekend read My book club chose this one because a member has met the author I kept procrastinating on starting this book because I didn't know if I could stomach the hard truths presented in the story After all my reluctance I started the audiobook and sometimes read along with the hardback Once I started the book I couldn't put it down I had to know what happened nex

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    To Stop a Warlord is a story of both inspiring hope and profound sadness The courage of one woman accomplished much in a very dangerous savage place where honestly I would never gotOne voice speaking change Imagine what all of our voices could do together Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review

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    Incredible story Easily one of the best books I’ve ever read

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    Nonfiction Extraordinary Written by the most remarkable young San Antonio woman the CEO of a non profit the Bridgeway Foundation about the successful effort to defang the LRA a Ugandan terrorist organization that massacred villages and captured woman and children raping the women and converting the children into child sol

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    45 stars This is an incredible and heartbreaking story told from two perspectives One is a boy who is kidnapped from his family by t

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    In a word inspiring Shannon Sedgwick Davis is a beautiful and honest storyteller and this is a story that needs t

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    A very sobering story of real life events that have radically and forever changed lives both here in the US and abroad A book that

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    A book about a white savior who advocated for Uganda in the ways MANY MANY MANY Ugandans did We should be uplifting the people doing the ground level work and NOT the white American view point

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    Very interesting and well written I learned a lot about Central Africa and the terrible struggles for peace and safety in that region The most meaningful parts for me were1 Learning how an influential woman balances her work and family obligations2 The deeply important role of faith family and forgiveness and 3 How import

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    Incredible inspiring true story I have the privilege of knowing the author in real life and am just so thrilled to see the story come out into the light Shannon continually inspires me to keep my heart open to the pain and suffering in the world and to continually look for ways to work for the good of humanity ev

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