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N Kittens can race fruit can be sexy wheelbarrows can be menacing and straight women might not be so straight after all In the end Kit needs to solve the problems of those around her while finding her home She’s certainly not looking for love But is it looking for her Escape everyday life take a trip to a British cosy island by picking up a copy of Greengage Plots If you like cosy feel good romcoms you’ll fall in love with Greengage Plot.


A Writing Radleys Series Starter Box Set

2 books | More than 400 pages | 35 five star reviews | 35% saving Climbing the Ladder Getting the job of your dreams is fantastic until you bring the company to its knees in your first week Chloe Dixon just got her life back on track following an emotional break up When she trusts the wrong person she finds herself in the middle of a PR storm She needs to fix her mistake if she is to keep her long coveted job and save one of the most influen.

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Tial magazines in the country If you like laugh out loud romantic comedies witty dialogue and characters you’ll fall in love with then you’ll love Climbing the Ladder Greengage Plots Two women One plot Six thousand interfering islanders Katherine “Kit” Sorel is new to the cosy but uirky island of Greengage When she tries to use her talents for plotting to help a friend she soon discovers that on this British island anything can happe.

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    Two for oneThis book contains two fantastic stories one by by AE Radley and the other by Emma Sterner Radley Both stories are wonderful and have plenty of comedic moments so they complement each other uite well as a box set On to the individual reviewsClimbing the Ladder While this is a fine standalone story it might be helpful for the read