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Anual of metalpoint techniue written by Susan Schwalb and Tom Mazzullo contemporary masters of the medium This book is the first treatise on the subject for artists and art teachers with chapters on early history materials including grounds supports metals and tools techniues for working in metalpoint as well as mixed media and finally the care of me.

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Silverpoint and Metalpoint Drawing

Silverpoint and metalpoint generally is the practice of marking with soft metal on a specifically prepared drawing surface Practiced for centuries the artform is experiencing a resurgence in recent years with contemporary work exploring abstract as well as realist conceptual as well as traditional Silverpoint and Metalpoint Drawing is the essential m.

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Talpoint works Not only beautifully illustrated this book also demonstrates how to photograph and exhibit metalpoint art Featuring a gallery of drawings by contemporary artists along with their tips and insight Silverpoint and Metalpoint Drawing is a perfect introduction for students of the medium and an inspiration for those already familiar with it.

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