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Of his heartbreaking decision to embrace evil told with wry humor and trenchant irony against an epic backdrop of magic the gods betrayed friendship unreuited love war and the rise and fall of empiresLet’s play a game of choice and conseuences What if you had to destroy everything you ever l. Liked and was intrigued by the summary but couldn t get into the book Early on it just felt very esoteric and became of a mental game to try and figure out what was going on Never stayed with it long enough to see ifwhen we finally started to figure out what events brought the main character to the location he started the book out at


Enemy Glory

“Then live and be damned” Llewelyn is a brilliant young evil magician who is dying in extreme agony at the foot of his arch enemy the good and lawful King Walworth of Threle Enemy Glory is Llewelyn’s astonishing deathbed confession his alarmingly passionate and strangely lyrical account. Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson is a fantasy novel about Llewelyn a cleric of Hecate who is narrating the story of his life s descent into darkness in order to defend himself against a charge of murder brought against him by an old friendI didn t like this book but at least it was bad in interesting ways I guess It s difficult to summarize my feelings because they re decisively negative and yet I m still genuinely glad I read it and gave it a shot Let me explain my three big problems with the book Hope you got a drink handy this is long reviewFirstly the first chapter of this book is drastically different from the rest of it plopping you down directly into this dreamlike surreal mess of pretentious lyrical prose describing impossible things Without knowing anything about the story or the setting it s impossible to tell what is really happening and what is simply flowery metaphor The author later explains that magic is just wonky in some places of the world and our wizard hero is suffering the effects due to a curse but by the time I understood this I d already gotten a bad first impression I m not a super big fan of surrealism in my fantasy I guess one reason why I ve had trouble getting into Mieville s stuff but I will keep trying I would have dropped this book by page 12 except I skipped ahead and skimmed I did that a lot in this book and discovered that chapter two and indeed the entire rest of the book is pretty ordinary and straightforward So if you end up trying this book at least get past that first chapter because it is entirely unlike the rest of the bookSecondly and a troubling problem is that this is a first person narrated novel with in my opinion a decidedly uncharismatic narrator The readability of a first person novel depends almost entirely upon that narrator s voice it has to be vivid distinct charismatic or compelling because you spend the entire novel in close proximity to this character inside their own heads every word infused with their personality So if you don t like the narrator or don t find them compelling you don t enjoy the book period Llewelyn is not good enough to be likable and not evil enough to be compelling He prides himself on being an evil cleric on that shortly hoo boy but he never really does anything evil perhaps he does in the seuel this was once a larger book that was split into multiple books Llewelyn is whiny passive aggressive and cripplingly insecure aspiring towards tragedy but never getting past pathetic His childhood is sad due to his abusive family but frankly I found them unconvincing What I mean is his family didn t seem like a real dysfunctional family their interactions felt false fake hollow I think it was because the narrator meticulously examines his father mother sister and himself and tries to deconstruct them going on at great length to explain why they re assholes and it s the kind of pseudo psychological bullshit that young people pride themselves on because it sounds smart but they lack the empathy maturity and experience needed for true wisdom and insight My dad hates me because he s threatened by my intelligence waaaah Oh please Grow up Real abusive family dynamics are a lot complex than that and behind every abuser is someone who was themselves abusedAnyway the narrator overanalyzes everything like this all the time every scene every dialogue every thought every action every reaction is examined critically from multiple angles This was what made the story plod bloated the page count and made Llewelyn s narration boring He occasionally comes up with a witty remark but it s rare I like the idea of an intellectual main character who thinks deeply with careful logic but as portrayed here it just wasn t much fun to read I think with a lot of excision humor and vivid personality either enthusiastically evil or tragically good it could have worked very well indeed As it currently stands it is just wallowing in opauely introspective gloom as Publisher s Weekly puts it and they liked the book much than I didThirdly and the worst problem of all is the usage of the word evil in this book From page one Llewelyn identifies himself as an evil cleric and reminds us of it at every opportunity He serves Hecate an evil goddess He curses his foes with lines like May they rot in goodness He swears upon his word of evil Evil evil evil evil The word is thrown around wildly and with pride I mean holy shit dude it s cartoonish No not even cartoonish because even cartoon villains nowadays don t stroke their mustaches and call themselves evil any And let me remind you that Llewelyn never really does anything that evil in the first place because he s lame So I had to stop and wonder what the fuck does the author think she s doingIt wasn t until much much later in the book that I got an inkling that maybe the author was not using the word evil as we define it It seems in this book s universe people use the word evil to describe behavior and values that are self hating and self sacrificing Does that sound evil to you Well it is if you re an Objectivist which the author apparently is The author contributed to a book entitled Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand so yeah there s no uestion of it Objectivism without getting too deep into it is a philosophy that advocates rational self interest that is that people should understand the world through observation and logic and that each person s ultimate motivation is and should be the pursuit of their own happiness So getting back to the book Hecate Llewelyn s evil patron deity is the dark side of the goddess of abundance and generosity Habundia which makes Hecate the goddess of sacrifice and scarcity Her adherents destroy what they love which is at root one s self to benefit the group This idea basically Individualism vs Collectivism is explored and made clear to the reader in this really weird scene in which which the characters sit down and play what is basically a game of Dungeons and Dragons with dice and everything and they role play a debate with the good girl character advocating for individualism and Llewelyn the evil cleric arguing for collectivism which is the evil belief system he ends up servingSide note this DD scene confirmed my suspicion that the author was strongly influenced by that game Little details gave it away the idea of clerics being forced to adhere to their spiritual alignment referring to a group of people working and traveling together as a party and the main character going shopping for food with gold coins That last bit was especially amusing to me given how hard the author tries to construct a plausible economic and political plot for the novel and at the same time casually assumes that people in ye olden times walked around with gold coins to buy bread just how is a peasant selling out of a wagon on the side of the road going to give you change for that gold piece Christ I keep getting sidetracked ANYWAYI loved the idea of deities being two sided having a light side with positive attributes and a dark side with negative attributes that were both opposite and complementary And I like the idea of coming at the age old fantasy trope of Good vs Evil from a different fresh angle with Good standing for Selfishness and Evil for Self Destruction But I just can t get past the misuse of the word evil and the way it s flapped around cartoonishly made it difficult for me to take this book seriously If the author had used any word other than evil it would have been so so much easier to focus on the themes and understand what the author was trying to saySo with all that said there was some other good stuff I ought to mention to leave this far too long review on a positive note As I already said I liked the themes and the concept of the book I also liked the character of Grana the witch who is kind but also weird and nasty I liked the idea of the reverse plague of extreme fecundity and the unnatural birth of Cathe I loved adorable little Pourra the groundhog familiar And for the first time ever I actually liked the lyric poetry scattered throughout the book because it actually sounded like you know lyrics with proper stress and rhyme and musicality to it instead of just being sentences broken up sporadically by line breaks It does not surprise me to find out that the author is also a singer and get this her band Point of Ares performs music based on this bookI have a lot to say on this book about my preference for Collectivism over Individualism the reasons why I am not an Objectivist the problems with DD s alignment system and my frustration with authors who write fantasy but don t read it it s an interview with Karen Michason see the ante penultimate uestion but that s getting too far off topic and this review is already too long And to be honest I don t actually want to leave you with a negative impression of this book Like I said I m glad I read this and it gave me a lot to think about I just had a lot of problems with it I m happy to see the author has resumed her writing career and is putting this book back into print I might even read the seuels perhaps they will shed further light on what the author was trying to do with Enemy Glory I m rating this one at 2 stars yet still worth trying If you do by all means let me know what you think I d love to see what other people thought because there are few other reviews online and they re all either fawning or dismissive and that s a shame because this is an interesting book worth discussing

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Oved or suffer eternal damnation Enter the darkOriginally published by Tor Books Tom Doherty Associates LLC A finalist for the 2002 Prometheus Award Among the books that received the most votes for the 2002 Locus Award for Best First Novel Chosen by Locus as one of the best first novels of 200. It s bad but it s okay if you re expecting bad and with a cover like that you should be As I remember the main character is uite emo and it seemed like he could have gotten over his issues uite easily but the author wanted him to turn out eeeeeeeeeeevil

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    Enemy Glory by Karen Michalson is a fantasy novel about Llewelyn a cleric of Hecate who is narrating the story of his life’s descent into darkness in order to defend himself against a charge of murder brought against him by an old friendI didn’t like this book but at least it was bad in interesting ways I guess It’s difficult to summa

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    I was excited to read about a truly evil character I found the concept of an evil cleric to be uite intriguing especially since they are trained

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    I've heard it elsewhere that the main character is a weenie I'd argue that of course he's a weenie; he's evil If he had things like a good upbringing a backbone a healthy sense of reality and reasonable expectations he wouldn't be evil to begin with Barring the main character's faults it's fascinating watching him devolve The pace is a tad slow but I was in a patient mindset so it was fine I'd like to add but it's on loa

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    Liked and was intrigued by the summary but couldn't get into the book Early on it just felt very esoteric and became of a mental game

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    It's bad but it's okay if you're expecting bad and with a cover like that you should be As I remember the main character is uite emo and it seemed like he could have gotten over his issues uite easily but the author wanted him to turn out eeeeeeeeeeevil

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    Was an okay book kind of slow Main character is kind of a wienie

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    very hard to start Ends half way through is story

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