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The Perfect Child

Ms an instant connection with her and he convinces Hannah they should take her home as their ownBut Janie is no ordinary child and her damaged psyche proves to be than her new parents were expecting Janie is fiercely devoted to Christopher but she acts out in increasingly disturbing ways directing all her rage at Hannah Unable to bond with Janie Hannah is dr I m not sure I ve ever read such a crazy intense non stop haunting anxiety producing novelbut only in the best and most desirable way I didn t want it to end Once this book has you in it s grips it won t let go I started it this morning and literally could not put it down My poor husband probably feels deprived Having received The Perfect Child free as a Kindle First February option I honestly didn t have high expectations These freebie books are hit or miss for me Sometimes they re decent sometimes they absolutely stink and sometimes they slowly mesmerize you with their intensity and unparalleled chaosThe Perfect Child was like thatI was absolutely mesmerized The characters particularly Hannah were so beautifully tragicshe felt very real to me I could relate so very much to her feelings her anxietiesvirtually everything Having said that at times I also felt frustrated primarily with Christopher His choices and actions were uestionable even during the best of times But the character who had my jaw dropping at virtually every turn of the page was Janie HOLY COW I don t want to say much for fear of giving anything away but Janie may be the best villain I ve read in years Little girl was beyond vile Is the story a bit predictable I d say yes which is why I didn t give it a full 5 stars One of the main threads was incredibly obvious to me but that took nothing away from the story line And there were a couple twists which shocked menot necessarily because they were unexpected but because of how they actually occurred There is also some animal torturedeath which is another deduction for me I HATE animal torture in any book Fair warning I can t end this review without making the obvious comparisons to Baby Teeth Clearly Lucinda Berry was somewhat inspired by the Zoje Stage novel There are many similar threads throughoutbut the stories diverge enough to make them each incredibly readable in their own ways I m a fan fellow readers I haven t checked to see if this is Ms Berry s first novel or not but she has definitely become a must read author in my eyes I ll be thinking about this novel for a long long time

Summary The Perfect Child

Owning under the pressure and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true natureHannah knows that Janie is manipulating Christopher and isolating him from her despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together But as Janie’s behavior threatens to tear Christopher and Hannah apart the truth behind Janie’s past may be enough to push them all over the edg Audiobooknarrated by Christine Williams Erin Bennett Dan John MillerThe three voice narrators kept me interested really hookedOne reviewer compared this to Baby Teeth Both books deal with a mentally troubled childBut where Baby Teeth was fiction nonsense in which several of my friends who are child therapists agree Baby Teeth being way out in left field one which few therapists vouch it s realistic ualities in which a young child expresses she wants daddy to kill mommy while watching them have sex The Perfect Child was written by a child trauma therapist I thought it was very plausible from beginning to end The child s behavior was disturbing but realistic she had been severely abused by her birth mother making us have tons of empathy as to just how hard every single day is for everyone The child and new adoptive parents The Perfect Child is than a disturbing story its an ongoing chronic nightmare of a storybut also FASCINATINGThe ending was weak but the rest of it had me curious as to what s the solution How does a couple raise help and support a severely emotionally disturbed child How does a child who has been soooo traumatize heal How much can you expect fromloving responsible adults The child in this story Janie had unpredictable and unbearable tantrums She finger painted with her own poop broke toys killed an animal was manipulative controlling hurt other children and had extreme attachment displacement disorder Her new adoptive parents were willing to do everything possible to rehabilitate the childWith every type of therapy imaginable and their undivided loving attention But Janie made it extremely difficult to succeed Anyone who has worked with children social workers teachers pediatric medical doctors nurses parents foster care parents or have adopted a child might consider reading this book I suggest the AudiobookMuch respect for author Lucinda BerryShe knows what she s doingTerrific psychological character study of all the main characters

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A page turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own and the unsettling conseuences of getting what they always wanted Christopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture perfect lives All that’s missing is a child When Janie an abandoned six year old turns up at their hospital Christopher for There was a knock on the door I peeped behind the curtains to see who it was then I didn t bother to write a review after all

About the Author: Lucinda Berry

Dr Lucinda Berry is a former clinical psychologist and leading researcher in childhood trauma Now she spends her days writing full time where she uses her clinical experience to blur the line between fiction and nonfiction She enjoys taking her readers on a journey through the dark recesses of the human psycheIf Berry isn’t chasing after her son you can find her running through Los Angeles

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    I’m okay with not having a happy ending but an ENDING would be nice I feel like the book ended in what should have been the end of a chapter Good book although I found the husband Christopher INFURIATING

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    There was a knock on the door I peeped behind the curtains to see who it was then I didn't bother to write a review after all

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    One word to sufficiently describe this book DISTURBINGDr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah have been struggling with infertility for years Hannah now 41 has all but given up hope of having children untilA young girl is found abandoned and

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    FULL REVIEW UP Watch the Line Between Fiction and Reality Get Truly Blurred in this Chilling Novel A Perfect October ReadChristopher and Hannah have it all except one thing A childThey had pretty much given up all hope until they met JanieJani

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    BEWARE OF SPOILERS A dead meth addict's child being wild proves to be a pretty good read even though placed far out in the field of unbelievable I'm not sure where the ending is though Do regular 6 year old undernourished kids the size of a newborn even crazy ones have the necessary strength to kill a grown up meth addictIs it really all right to ignore that the kid's mentally ill And she's not just blandly

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    I'm not sure I've ever read such a crazy intense non stop haunting anxiety producing novelbut only in the best and most desirable way I didn't w

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    This is one messed up book and Janie is one messed up child You’d think that the psychological thrillers you read the less they will affect you But actually it doesn’t work like that If anything your insides instinctively prepare themselves to be disturbed the moment you begin a new thrillerI read this story at night First mis

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    Jesus What I’ve just read This book is very disturbing but I couldn’t put it down  My emotions where all over the place because I didn’t know who should I feel sorry for I guess all of them It is a story of the couple Dr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah who adopted an abused by her real mom child Jenie I think they underestimated

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    Audiobooknarrated by Christine Williams Erin Bennett Dan John MillerThe three voice narrators kept me interested really h

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    Christopher was a blind IDIOT I can't tell you how livid he made me How can a supposed intelligent DOCTOR be in such denial And do you want to know what else infuriated me The fact that Hate the way I ended my rant Then you'll hate the way the author ended this book

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