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Understanding Contemporary Brazil

Brazil has famously been called a country of contradictions It is a place where narratives of racial democracy exist in the face of stark ineualities and where the natural environment is celebrated as a point of national pride but at the same time is exploited at alarming rates To people on the outside looking in these contradictions seem hard to explain Understanding Contemporary Brazil tackles these problems head on providing the perfect critical introduc.

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Tion to Brazil's ongoing social political economic and cultural complexities Key topics include National identity and political structure Economic development environmental contexts and social policy Urban issues and public security Debates over culture race gender and spirituality Social ineuality protest and social movements Foreign diplomacy and international engagementBy considering broadly the historical political economic and socio cultural roots of B.

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Razil's internal dynamics this interdisciplinary book euips readers with the contextual understanding and critical insight necessary to explore this fascinating country Written by renowned authors at one of the world's most important centers for the study of Brazil Understanding Contemporary Brazil is ideal for university students and researchers yet also accessible to any reader looking to learn about one of the world's largest and most significant countri.

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