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Perhaps no classical writer has been so consistently in vogue as Horace Famous in his own lifetime as a close associate of the Emperor Octavian to whom he dedicated several odes uintus Horatius Flaccus 65–8 BC has never really been out of fashion Petrarch for example modelled his letters on Horace's innovative Epistles while also borrowing from his Roman forebear in composing his o.

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Wn Italian sonnetsThe echo of Horace's voice can be found in almost every genre of medieval literature And in later periods this influence and popularity if anything increased Yet as Paul Allen Miller shows while Horace may justifiably be called the poet for all seasons he is also in the end an enigma His elusive ironic contrariness is perhaps the true secret of his success A culture.

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D man of letters he fought on the losing side of the Battle of Philippi 42 BC A staunch Republican he ended up eagerly some said too eagerly promoting the cause of Julio Claudian imperialism Viewed as the acme of Roman literary civilization he was shaped by his Athens education at Plato's famous Academy This new introduction reveals Horace in all his paradoxical genius and complexity.

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