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    5 StarsI've tried to type a review for this a few times and finally realized that it’s impossible So I’ve decided to provide a warning incoherent ramblings ahead on this memoir romanceish book Before we commence to the ramblings I think it’s important to know that this isn’t a conventional romance it’s a true “story” Please see the author’s special note in the blurb More books are in the works

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    I loved this book and I really really wanted to make a decent review But it's impossible I'll invite you to read Gabriella's and Annob's revi

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    NoteI bought this book on I paid for it I didn't get a free copy from the author nor did I receive any payment gifts or reward for this honest

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    I have absolutely no freakin idea how to rate this The beginning was wonderful It was so refreshing It was writt

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    “A blurb which got me all excited teary eyed swoony and energized all at once And I haven't even peaked into the book yet There's no doubt I need to read this one”The above paragraph was my initial reaction when I came

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    That was uite interesting I've never read anything like this beforeThe writing style is perfect and very easy to read My interest in

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    Did I really have that much control over him Mark claimed—from the very beginning—that I had stormed into his life with such commanding authority that I knocked aside all his defenses and claimed his heartI needed him everywhere needed his physical strength and his emotional support The days of me being proudly independent were long gone—I needed my partner and felt no shame for my needinessWe’d face our uncertain future

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    Now that Books It's just us here 1 3 and soon 4 have been published and are ready to eat you can read this draft The book of beginnings just to have an idea of what will happen in the next installments and feel anxious tha

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    I found this book to be a very enjoyable read The well written plot flowed smoothly from page to page and the strongly wri

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    I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review375 Stars for a collection of chapters that want to become a book when they're all grown upSo I'm really struggling with the rating and writing a review for this bookRumbling ahead If you're not a fan of that skipp to the end of the reviewThe blurb sounded interesting an

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Christopher X. Sullivan ☆ 4 Summary

The Book of Beginnings It's Just Us Here

C' There are four 'super arcs' typical of romance novels spread over the ten installmentsThe Book of Beginnings contains the beginning of each of those ten installments So we're going to jump through time uite a bit These 'beginnings' total over 140000 words and the final project will be over 1000000 wordsDon't worry I will finish this story It's terribly important to me But it is huge So I will also be posting an Abridged Version which will consist of the chapters in The Book of Endings and The Book of BeginningsThis is an unfinished project but my health is prompting me to search for an audience before I'm finished If you want to be an early reader and look for typosz please get in touch You will make the completion of this story possible and free up of my energy for non typo stuff Thank you so mu Did I really have that much control over him Mark claimed from the very beginning that I had stormed into his life with such commanding authority that I knocked aside all his defenses and claimed his heartI needed him everywhere needed his physical strength and his emotional support The days of me being proudly independent were long gone I needed my partner and felt no shame for my needinessWe d face our uncertain future together as we did that day and every day thereafter

Summary ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Christopher X. Sullivan

An asexual man meets a male model and slowly falls in loveChris is a nerdy bookworm with a very direct personality He tends to take jokes literally He doesn't like small talk  Chris has never been sexually attracted to anyone in real life though he can look at photos and think up exciting scenarios in his head as long as the people are all wearing clothes Porn is definitely a no go  Mark is a charismatic beautiful man with a pretty person job and pretty person problems He's very pushy  Mark is also struggling with a summer college course for business writing Luckily Chris makes a living from his writing and always falls for a sob story so he ends up helping the model with his assignment  After a chance encounter in Chris' favorite park the two men's lives slowly entangle until the pair become in NoteI bought this book on I paid for it I didn t get a free copy from the author nor did I receive any payment gifts or reward for this honest review These are my own thoughts and feelings put into words though some of my GR friends might have a similar opinion wink winkSo here s my review It s looong SorryThere aren t many books out there that are about asexual people That s what caught my eye at first And I was intrigued by the prospect of this man falling in love with a complete slut Sorry Mark I was really excited Honestly I felt a bit like a voyeur peeking into their lives but that didn t stop me This book isn t about coming out or any of that clich d stuff It s a beautiful love story written in a funny playful way that s what I liked about it the most it s scintillating and witty I loved their bickering There were a lot of situations when I was laughing my ass off but for Chris those situations were horrible or embarrassing and truly disconcerting and I would ve felt the same way had those things happened to me I was giggling and blushing and giggling some LoL swooning crying almost puking twice laughing some crying again while hyperventilating and crushing on Mark just a little What blinking innocently I m sure I wasn t the only one oo You just can t not love the guy P DunceA haven t ever read a memoir okay maybe one but that was totally different and I didn t know what to expect so I read the sample on first and I was immediately bowled over by Chris by his personality He was so weird in a good way And I loved his writing I loved that he talked to me to the readers So I went all inI don t want to go over the whole story it would be an even longer review besides I think it s enough what s in the blurb for you to be intrigued Chris wrote about how he and Mark became fast friends and how that friendship progressed into love eventually The forever kind of love sigh He was the love of my life the person I had loved most deeply If I saw something funny I still could visualize his reaction If I did something stupid I could still see that engaging smile and hear his teasing words Mark made life so simple and beautiful and easy Life was easy to live with Mark at my side Some of my friends here on GR knows that I loooove slow burn and these two were the epitome of that Part of it was because of Chris s asexuality and because he didn t even think about a relationship with anyone much less with a guy who latched onto him for some incomprehensible reason The other part was Mark s fault Though I think it was obvious for everyone except Chris that Mark is gay He s not gayHe isHe can t be Why wouldn t he have told me Then I remembered all the times he had looked at me weirdly or tried to change the subject at odd times They had to overcome a lot of obstacles because they were two fundamentally different people But Mark didn t let up he just pushed and pushed And I think if he wouldn t have been so relentless they wouldn t be where they are today I absolutely adore these two men They are perfect together they complement each other so wellThis memoir is unfinished There are a lot that s missing it s a work in progress but almost all the important parts are in place It went just like every other romance book Boy meets boy they fall in love and hopefully live happily ever after Okay it was a bit difficult than that Though their life isn t full of sunshine and rainbows with dancing unicorns not without difficulties but they had fun A lot of fun D I pumped my fist in the air while reading the last chapter but I wouldn t say it ended on a happy note I just need to know that they re okay now That they re together with Alex as a family and that they re happy And I need Chris to be okay 3I like to thank annob for finding this book and for recommending it to me And I also like to thank Mark for encouraging Chris to write this book and to publish it Dude Best idea ever D I have a lot of uestions of course but I ll probably get my answers when all the books come out sometime next yearRead the book review it and spread the word in your reading circle The the merrier DPS My favorite part of the book isn t actually in the book It s a free short story and l loved the hell out of it Let s play a little treasure hunt You guys are creative I know you can find it it s not that hard P

review The Book of Beginnings It's Just Us Here

Separable  First Chris and Mark become friends then companions then partners then lovers and then they get engaged married and finally adopt a very amazing kidThis is their story or well I guess it's my story I'm Chris and I wrote this It's very weird to refer to myself in the third person so I'm going back to first person nowMark didn't tell me he was into guys until I was very much in love with him Anytime he got close to telling me the truth I would instinctively pull back But I never ran away completely and he kept coming after me  I guess you'll have to read the book to understand why ADVISORY I'd just like to make sure you know that this book is not the complete love story between me and my husband I've broken my story up into ten 100000 word installments Each installment follows its own 'ar I have absolutely no freakin idea how to rate this The beginning was wonderful It was so refreshing It was written extremely well The humour was fantastic The way Chris represents himself is uniue and complicated and compelling And I felt so many things while reading it Empathy Joy Pain The list goes on ButAnd it s a big but because I realise that this is book is technically unfinished ButI wanted to throat punch Mark so many times it was crazy Chris keeps saying how amazing they are together and I believe him because there s a lot of love written down on these pages But a lot of what s written down does not endear me to Mark at all view spoilerHe s pushy to the extreme and puts Chris in so many uncomfortable situations that I felt like there was some kind of Stockholm syndrome happening here Mark tells lies to get what he wants White lies Maybe But it certainly feels manipulative Maybe Chris needs to be pushed and that s why they work but either way I hated reading it hide spoiler

About the Author: Christopher X. Sullivan

I'm publishing a single self portrait divided into ten booksBooks 1 3 are a friends to lovers storyBooks 4 7 contain a lot of sex and follow my evolving relationship with my partner including our breakup and reconciliationBooks 8 10 have fewer explicit scenes and are all about me and Mark establishing our family and adopting our son We fostered him first and there was some drama with thatYou