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In the small town of Tumble Creek secrets aren’t kept for longFrom the outside Adele Valentin knows she looks strong capable unflappable But when she loses everything she can only think of one thing to do run A friend’s house in the small rural town of Tumble Creek is a ready made sanctu La ciutat secreta del Toubkal (Gran angular) in the small rural town of Tumble Creek ERP Demystified is a ready made sanctu

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Promises in Tumble Creek

Ary and Adele flees the big city without ever looking back The timing has never been right for Takumi Edwards to express his feelings for Adele the beautiful mysterious woman who visits occasionally but haunts his dreams nightly But now she’s here to stay – at least for a while – and h

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E will never have a better chance But Adele is struggling with both past decisions and how vulnerable Takumi makes her feel When her past follows her to Tumble Creek Takumi is the only one who can help resolve both what came before and what could be ahead If Adele is only strong enough to as

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    Small town romances usually appeal to me and I really wanted to like the early copy I read of this book For me

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    For me this was an okay read and would be perfect for a lazy afternoon but I have to admit it was a little slow going at times and really seemed to drag I liked both Adele and Takumi and the plot was pretty decent and while I did not love it I didn't hate it either worth a read you may like it than me

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