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Presented first in simple then complex language thus leading gradually to the words of the actual ancient author all within the same lesson This elementary device helps bridge many difficult gaps between modern English and ancient Greek The book includes four supplementary readings extended passages from Plato’s Ion and Republic Aristophanes’ Clouds and Paul’s first letter to the Corinthia.

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Elementary Classical Greek Revised Edition

This revised edition has been improved by the addition of standard book section and paragraph references for prose selections and line numbers for poetry; by additional exercises on participles and conditions; and by the correction of errors throughout the textFrederick Williams presents a text that is crystal clear full but not pedantic simple but not superficial He has designed the text for a.

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Course meeting four or five times a week for two semesters Each lesson should take about four or five days depending on the length and complexity of the material one day for an introduction one or two days for reading Greek sentences aloud in Greek and translating them into English and another day or two for drillIn this book some of the readings that normally seem impenetrable to beginners are.

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