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And coming thought leader that will inspire you to not only do but be His book Extra Ordinary will give you the psycho.

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Extra Ordinary is for anyone searching for the tools to make a positive impact on their lives Cornell Thomas is an up.

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Logy and skills needed to bridge the gap between good and outstanding to take your life to the next level Tony Robbins.

About the Author: Cornell Thomas

wwwpowerofpositivitynet about five years ago and realized that through my writing I can inspire others My first book The Power Of Positivity Controlling Where the ball bounces was realesed October 2014 my current book The Power Of Me Army of One will be out January 1 2015I love meeting and connecting with new people looking forward to meeting you all

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    uick read to the point and full of knowledge and great stories Every chapter is to the point giving out a slew of information and positive ways of thinking to empower the reader to pursue their goals 55

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