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Father Jennifer finds herself stuck on a boat with the cruise ship hottis who wants nothing than to help the beautiful girl The storm is raging but it isn't just the weather Stormy skies and rocky seas are afoot and there's a hurricane comi.

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The Coordinates of Love

Does a father get his adult daughter Jennifer gets the trip of a lifetime two weeks with her father on a cruise with no work Just the two of them with nothing but sunsand and surf and maybe some extra company A storm separates daughter and.

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Jennifer and her father were thick as thieves She was always a daddy's girl and was damn proud of it but as she grew older school and her career became hectic she found that she didn't get to see her father as much as she wanted to So what.

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    The Coordinates of Love By Kitten BrasherThis is an adventure love story between Billionaire David Hurst and Jenny Wary Jenny’s parents for her birthday give her a cruise on board the Ocean Spray which she decides to take her father Jeremy On board they meet their butler David Hurst unbeknown to her is that David is a billionaire that likes to give back and takes jobs on board cruise shipsTheir love develops

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    Island adventure time

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