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St Petersburg

Of its early rulersThis city in its successive incarnations – St Petersburg; Petrograd; Leningrad and once again St Petersburg – has always been a place of perpetual contradiction It was a window on to Europe and the Enlightenment but so much of the glory of Russia was created here its literature music dance and for a time its political vision It gave birth to the artistic genius of Pushkin and Dostoyevsky Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich Pavlova and Nureyev Yet for all its glittering palaces fairytale balls and enchanting gardens th. Good book marred by factual errors Pearl Harbor in 1942 seriously Lenin s mislabeling the Mensheviks repeated as truth Tsar s abdication site incorrect Too bad because otherwise a good read

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From Peter the Great to Putin this is the unforgettable story of St Petersburg – one of the most magical menacing and influential cities in the worldSt Petersburg has always felt like an impossible metropolis risen from the freezing mists and flooded marshland of the River Neva on the western edge of Russia It was a new capital in an old country Established in 1703 by the sheer will of its charismatic founder the homicidal megalomaniac Peter the Great its dazzling yet unhinged reputation was uickly fashioned by the sadistic dominion. 35 Stars The fortress was completed in five months The bodies of workers killed by malaria scurvy dysentery or Swedish attack were wrapped in muslin sacks and packed into cavities in the foundations Reasonable estimates for the human cost of the initial building of St Petersburg run to 30000 deaths How is that for symbolism Someone once described it as A city created by a drunken man trying to walk a straight line Many books on Russian history like so many Russian novels can often appear a bit daunting especially when you hold that weighty doorstop in your hands for the first time it can seem like your own crime and punishment your only crime to open the first page and your punishment being to read it to the last but thankfully this is another one of those entertaining and accessible pathways to a rich surreal and fascinating world of the city of St Petersburg Loaded rifles were placed all over the Winter Palace so that Anna on a sudden whim could fling open a window and pick off the sparrows cranes and magpies soaring overhead As well as all the monarchs dictators and other clowns posing as leaders we see appearances from the likes of Rasputin Nijinsky Stravinsky Tchaikovsky Trotsky Tolstoy Dostoyevsky Gogol and Gorky as well as many others who helped contribute to the renowned culture of the cityWe see that like most over privileged elites anywhere in the world they really are just like bratty spoiled children who are too used to getting their own way pin balling between tantrums debauchery ennui and random acts of cruelty Life was incredibly cheap in this part of the world and every time we hear that ominous phrase They caught a chill We know that another death is just around the corner Peter developed a great lust for the Countess Elizabeth Vorontsova who spat stank had a suint and was covered with smallpox scars More positively she loved to drink and exhibited a great eagerness for sex with the high pitched lank haired grand duke I d love to see such a frank and amusing examination on the current circus of royals who haunt Buckingham Palace and beyond But its random passages like this which make this really entertainingPeter the Great s many horrendous acts and crimes are picked out in here possibly the most shocking of all is the description we get of him torturing and killing his own sonWe learn that sometimes wolves could be seen roaming in broad daylight thirty to forty strong In 1715 a woman was devoured by a pack of wolves within sight of Prince Menshikov s palace The settlement also suffered three sizeable floods within its first three years of existence with water rising than two and a half metres It was there that Casanova saw children being baptised in a hole cut through the ice below He watched horrified as a baby slipped through the priest s hands into oblivion and was much surprised to find the parents in an ecstasy of joycertain that the babe had been carried straight to heaven This gives us a telling insight into how appealing the place was to live in Though it s hard to fathom just how insane the idea of building such a large settlement in what is now St Petersburg To try and put it in some perspective the city lies around 599 latitude The city of Glasgow is around 558 So St Petersburg lies somewhere between the Orkneys and the Shetland islands at the far end of the British Isles which gives us some idea of just how inhospitable the climate really isMiles really captures the turbulent and surreal origins of the city with a warm mixture of slapstick humour and bewildering facts He has a gift for good story telling within the historical frame which makes this glide along nicely from the opening pages We get a real sense for the absurdity and the obsession which drove Peter the Great towards the founding of St Petersburg The sheer scale and extent of the madness violence cruelty and decadence which reigned for so long over St Petersburg is absolutely incredible This book conjures up scenarios that fall somewhere between the darker passages of The Bible and Hieronymous Bosch with a hangover Towards the end of the book he shifts focus and takes a broader approach looking at Russia as a whole and ties it back to the city A most eye opening read

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E blood of thousands has been spilt on its snow filled streets It has been a hotbed of war and revolution a place of siege and starvation and the crucible for Lenin and Stalin’s power hungry brutalityIn St Petersburg Jonathan Miles recreates the drama of three hundred years in this absurd and brilliant city bringing us up to the present day when – once – its fate hangs in the balance This is an epic tale of murder massacre and madness played out against sualor and splendour It is an unforgettable portrait of a city and its peopl. A lively tale about a remarkable city Miles has a gift for dredging up odd details and taking us on a wild ride through the past and gives us a course in Russian history From the czars to Rasputin to Stalin to Putin you ll get a glimpse of some of the horrors the city has endured as well as the art inspired A surprisingly enjoyable read

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    35 Stars“The fortress was completed in five months The bodies of workers killed by malaria scurvy dysentery or Swedish attack were wrapped in muslin sacks and packed into cavities in the foundations Reasonable estimates for the human cost o

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    Yes perhaps it was the three centuries of murderous desire that caught my eye a subtitle I hope one day to borrow for my first autobiography But this is exactly the sort of non fiction I enjoy a detailed study of an unknown unknown Sure I was dimly aware of Russia's sometime capital in its capacity as literary and revoluti

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    In St Petersburg Three Centuries of Murderous Desire Jonathan Miles has taken up a remarkable task to describe St Petersburg form the birth of

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    Excellent story about St Peterburg and Russians with insights humour and facts I think I will read it again soon

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    Good book marred by factual errors Pearl Harbor in 1942 seriously? Lenin’s mislabeling the Mensheviks repeated as truth T

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    After visiting St Petersburg last year I became fascinated by this beautiful and tragic city built on marchland of the river Neva at the cost of thousands of lives constantly threatened by flooding and revolutions and yet home of the most stunning palaces and churches as well as the birthplace of artistic genius like Pushkin Dostoyevsky Tchaikovsky and Nureyev The book of Jonathan Miles shows us three centur

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    This book is a great introduction to the tale of St Petersburg It moves from the city's founding in 1703 up to 2017 The sweep is broad covering everything from political history to architecture music literature art living standards scandals crime and glorious skullduggery The content is generally strong albeit with a few weak spots

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    A lively tale about a remarkable city Miles has a gift for dredging up odd details and taking us on a wild ride through t

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    Good for a basic overview of the city's history It is really interesting and touches on a lot but doesn't go into anything in depth There were also a couple parts that were a little misleading Still a good read

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    I'm trying to read non fiction and as I'm going to St Petersburg soon I thought I'd try it I'm glad I did; it was a bit dense in detail in places but it traces St P history clearly had traces history from the Tsars to Putin almost a

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