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The Brazen Shark (Clockwork Legion #3)

Pirate captain inventor and entrepreneur Onofre Cisneros sweeps his friends Fatemeh and Ramon Morales off to Hawaii for their honeymoon Once there.

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A British agent makes Cisneros an offer he can't refuse and the captain must travel to Japan Wanting to see of the world Ramon and Fatemeh ask to. Quran Made Easy the captain must Dare Me travel Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville to Japan Wanting Little Reds Riding Hood to see of The Return of a Gangsters Girl the world Ramon and Fatemeh ask Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, to.

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Accompany the captain only to find themselves embroiled in a plot by samurai who steal a Russian airship hoping to overthrow the Japanese emperor.

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    The story had a very good insight into the cultures of Japan and Russia

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    The Brazen Shark Review by Martha A Cheves Author of Stir Laugh Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; A Book and A DishThe men took their stations with samurai keeping careful watch Legion continued to calculate reasons for the airship's capture A mission to discredit the emperor's power and gain popular support seemed a high proba

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    I knew to expect good things from this novel by David Lee Summers editor of Tales of the Talisman the best lit mag I've come across This one ha

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