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Frozen The Enchanted Guide takes you deep inside the magical world of Arendelle featuring key scenes from the movie This beautiful book is filled with engaging text and large stunning images Also f

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Disney Frozen The Enchanted Guide

Explored in a double page with the story overview and key moments described in gripping text as well as in depth character profiles Packed with beautiful stills from FrozenCopyright © 2015 Disney

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Eatures new content from the exciting new short Frozen seuel Frozen Fever making it a must have for devoted fans of Anna Elsa Olaf and other Frozen charactersEach of the most loved Frozen scenes is

3 thoughts on “Disney Frozen The Enchanted Guide

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    It was basically just a movie adaptation with some facts that were interesting but I was expecting trivia on the characters like profiles and

  2. says:

    I already knew most of the facts written in this book but anyway it was fun to read

  3. says:

    Green Eggs and Ham it was good

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