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For the first time anywhere the history lore rituals and majick of the Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft taught by founder Laurie Cabot the Official Witch of Salem Massachusetts is collected and presented in a single bookLaurie Cabot Building Organizational Intelligence presented in a single bookLaurie Cabot

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Laurie Cabots Book of Shadows

’s Book of Shadows includes the materials of her three part class series on the Science Art and Religion of Witchcraft as well as guidance for High Priestesses and High Priests of the Craft working on their own or in groupsThe

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Book of Shadows includes Laurie’s own recipes for incenses potions charms and spells used and taught by Cabot Witches for decades a treasure trove of lore at your fingertips A must for any practitioner of the Craft of the Witch

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    Legendary is the only word can adeuately describe Laurie Cabot and her legacy Laurie Cabot is a name synonymous with Witchcraft around the world Laurie has dedicated most of her life to educating people about the Science Religion of Witchcraft She taught Witchcraft in many universities over the years and in the 70’s Laurie opened the very first Witchcraft store in Salem Massachusetts choosing the location

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    Full Disclosure I have admired Laurie Cabot's work for years and a few years ago had the amazing opportunity to study with this remarkable woman Whether you agree with her practices and beliefs or not there is no

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    Wow This really was a riveting read

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