[Stepbrothers Secret Baby free] Ebook By Wanda Edmond

SUMMARY Stepbrothers Secret Baby

E’s relentless seduction until tragedy struck and Olivia is forced to forget Clive for good Picking up the pieces of her shattered life Olivia’s world is once again turned upside down when her stepbrother Clive shows up in her front door Clive mercilessly breaks down Olivia’s defences with h.

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Stepbrothers Secret Baby

Is fairy tale courtship and his skilful touch But their secret romance comes to an abrupt end after Clive discovers Olivia’s ultimate betrayal Is there a happy ending when you’ve fallen in love with your stepbrother Note Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire Intended For Adult Eyes On.

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Billionaire cowboy Clive Burke and his stepsister Olivia Tyler spent an unforgettable night together But Clive left her and Olivia is now pregnant When Clive finally returns Olivia gives him the cold shoulder as she desperately tries to keep her pregnancy secret But Olivia is no match against Cliv.

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    Not bad but another cliffhanger

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    Just can't get enough of he book Its very interesting couldt put it down On tho the next book now