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Ing that ghosts could be real drives her search but Aunt Ruby's plans for Abby don't include revealing secrets kept for seventy years Oh there's dirty laundry she'd like to air just not her own Indulging in the attentions of the house's handsome caretaker helps numb her pain but Abby's ex boyfriend won't let Surely every man walks about as a phantom surely they make an uproar for nothing He amasses riches and does not know who will gather them Psalm 396The story opens Jan 18 21012 with Ruby Watts an 88 year old causing others to whisper things like she ain t right or old and funny assuming she can t hear but she can and has her memory too Her nephew 54 year old Blake often comes by for food andor money but has no real relationship with his auntThen there is Abby Wells great niece to Ruby whom after losing her mom to cancer contacts her Aunt to visit and hopefully do some filling in of the missing information on her family tree One would think it would be about her father Richard but she was interested in finding out about her grandparents and before She lives in Akron OH and has also recently lost her job and her boyfriend GregAbby immediately gets into things while looking for somewhere to put her stuff in the room she has been assigned Not only does she find something she adds it to her bag When Abby s uestions get too much for Aunt Ruby she sends her off on an errand for lunch and a visit by the old family home a real haunted house where she lived until she married John Ruby s caretaker Will will meet her thereSnooping must run in the family as once Abby leaves Aunt Ruby starts her search through Abby s thingsWill turns out not to be some old caretaker but a young man perhaps college age This definitely throws Abby for a loop Not at all what she expectedThe visit leaves her with uestions than answers and when her room mate Sarah and sister of her ex boyfriend Greg speaks of moving out Abby makes a bold move to be closer to her family and learn about them first hand Only problem is no one really wants to share in fact she feels as if they Aunt Ruby and Uncle don t really want her there And as she reads and rereads her lease she is taken aback with one part especiallyRent payable by cash or check in person or by mail is due the first of the month unless it s a Sunday and then the second and payments don t count toward any post or future debts pg 50Abby is not sure what to make of this or her aunt but moves in and then has to deal with a ghostor is it just her imagination Is that a murky figure of a man watching her or just a gnarly cobwebIf you re real fine Haunt me I want to be convinced pg 65Her aunt is less than forthcoming and Will is of little help so she does what she does best and starts digging through old files at the town office What will she find Whom will she findI have never read a book like this one It was interesting to say the least even if you are not into family history so if you are The characters well developed and easily liked or strongly disliked The story is well written and easily transitions from earlier years to now and you just may find yourself believing in ghosts I highly recommend this read which has a little bit of everything and kept me engaged from beginning to endPick up this book today make yourself a tea and sit back and enjoy You ll be glad you didI was given this book in exchange for an honest review by bookfunorg Thanks so much

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Go of the past He hounds her about his new found religion in hopes of reconciling but why reach for him or the God who couldn't or wouldn't spare her mom In the stillness of the old house the spirit world feels so close she can almost touch it But she doesn't know yet that there's than one way to be haunted Brandy Heineman is a master of metaphors and vibrant writing Her meticulous attention to detail in this book is what brings the book alive Set in the author s hometown Kennesaw takes on a new look as the author takes us back to the days of Ruby s youth long ago In addition to discovering secrets and uncovering pain in the past Abbey journeys to find her new identity with her mother gone and everything she knows still in Ohio She s vulnerable and easy to relate to in that she doesn t really trust what she sees but isn t sure that what is unseen is any better I found this story to be rewarding in the end with twists and turns along the way Great book I recommend it

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Tending a void in her heart that demands to be filled Abby Wells uproots her life in Ohio to move into the ancestral home in Georgia Now that her mom is gone it's her best chance to connect with the last of her family and she can't deny the pull of the supposedly haunted house The seductive comfort of believ This author s debut novel is delightfully well written and well developed Her characters are made vibrantly alive by their colorful expressions Abby the protagonist explains her search for meaning as I need my life to be different Right now it s the same it s always been but with holes It s about filling the holes Staying alive Of course she acknowledges that uprooting her life to become a ghost hunter Certifiably nuts We uickly identify with her and her problems and root for her to find peace and contentment Ruby on the other hand is a bundle of secrets and contradictions In her late eighties she is feisty and wily A little excitement did the job of an egg white facial it didn t halt time but for a short while at least reversed its effects She laments the restrictions on her life but they buzzed along til Death picked em off like flies in a bug lamp So far she has escaped the bug whacker Other characters are similarly intriguing and filled with mysterious behavior and motivations Altogether we are presented with a cast that grabs us from the beginning and leads us on an adventure of discovery along with Abby So many uestions arise to be answered As a Yankee who moved to near Kennesaw Georgia 45 years ago I related to Abby s reaction to Southern accents and Southern cuisine especially sweet tea and grits Like Abby I still don t eat grits cheesy or otherwise She shares her perception of some Southern cultural traits People back home either answered a uestion or told the asker to back off but Will dangled by his good manners helpless The vague lingering distrust of Northerners was humorously portrayed The exploration of Southern living is interesting but plays a minor role however The real focus of the story is on the house and its secrets Once again the author paints vivid pictures for us Was the ghost flattened and trapped beneath the layers of paint And The mood hung around like a sour smoke and The eager welcome feeling shifted to a sense of being overshadowed Consumed even Abby hopes the house will lead her to the truth about its history and her own Is the ghost real What is the deal with Will What is the explanation for the weird lease What is Ruby hiding What family secrets will be revealed and what effect will they have on everyone involved as they come to light An underlying theme is the story of Abby s faith journey She looks for hope and answers in the past but Will and Ruby know the only hope for her is found in relationship with God I heartily recommend this engaging story of family relationships forgiveness and redemption I received this book through The Book Club Network in exchange for this my honest opinion

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    This book was given to me in a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for my honest opinionThis is the first book I ever won in a Giveaway an

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    This author’s debut novel is delightfully well written and well developed Her characters are made vibrantly alive by their colorful expressions Abby the protagonist explains her search for meaning as “I need my life to be different Right

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    Wonderful storyI enjoyed reading this book It describes a lot of issues for a young woman who gets to know family that she had never seen before One of these is her father I don't want to spoil the story so pick up and rea

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    Surely every man walks about as a phantom; surely they make an uproar for nothing; He amasses riches and does not know wh

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    Will Abby Find Self Family True LoveWhat to do when your fiancé fires you instead of defending you; your mother has recently died leaving you bereft; and your uestionable best friend decides she's moving in with her fiancé Abby in Brandy Heineman's first go at the fiction world leaves Ohio to trace her relatives in Ge

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    New to me author Brandy Heineman delivered an intriguing novel that held my interest throughout The book was somewhat different than what I am used to but interesting nevertheless Its reasonably slow moving plot fits perfectly with the Southern background of the storyFilled with characters with secrets or unresolved issues the story revolves around Abby Wells who after her mother’s death and loss of her job

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    Brandy Heineman's book Whispers in the Branches is a great story that follows the main character Abby while she searches for answers t

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    Brandy Heineman is a master of metaphors and vibrant writing Her meticulous attention to detail in this book is what brings the book alive Set i

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    When Abby contacts her 88 year old Aunt Ruby asking to visit and hopefully do some filling in of the missing information on her family tree She finds herself researching and finding that she hoped for Genealogy research isn't always a good wonderful experience and she finds some things in the past family members would just as soon be left there I found a little mystery and her experiences with a ghost entert

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    I've always enjoyed Brandy's ability to write one sentence with multiple meanings Her metaphors are sneaky and sometimes only understood after a second or third reading This book as with her short stories unfolds