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Michelle After years of trying to save her marriage an unfortunate phone call confirms that a definite change is needed in her life Starting by learning to love h. Etapy zmiany w terapii uzależnień. Wybór i planowanie interwencji by learning to love h.

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I Love Me More

Erself first Ronnie Feeling like he was forced into marriage by an unplanned pregnancy Ronnie uickly finds out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other.

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Side when his wife files for divorce and he’s left alone Realizing that he wants her back what is he willing to do to prove that he’s worthy of her love again.

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    DNF I skim read this He’s been involved off and on with the “girlfriend” since before they got married I like a good cheating husband story but cheating for 7 years is too much Though I liked that she was done and moved on he did the chasing to get her back

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    cheater scumbag

  3. says:

    I really didn't like Ronnie He was a complete ass He cheated on and disrespected Michelle for years After the divorce and after Michelle has finally moved on Ronnie finally wakes up and realizes what he's lost He becomes a

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