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E weeks immediately after the defining trauma of his life In December 1985 an elder from his parents' evangelical Christian church attempted an exorcism on him believing he was possessed by demonsBased on extensive interviews with all the surviving witnesses this book explores the truth behind Derry Knight and the devastating effects that evangelical Christianity had on one young m.

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The Sussex Devils

'Heartbreaking and breathtaking' – Clive Barker author of HellraiserIn 2012 Marc Heal stumbled across a yellowed newspaper cutting about Derry Knight a man who claimed that he belonged to a secret Satanic group operating at the highest levels of British society Helped by John Baker vicar of the Sussex village of Newick Knight had falsely raised large sums from wealthy gentry on t.

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He pretext of destroying powerful items of Satanic regaliaHeal threw away the cutting but it made him deeply uneasy Why could he remember nothing about the Knight affair even though he had grown up at its epicentre Why did he know so much about the people in the story and yet recalled so little about it Finally he faced up to the reason for the blank the trial had taken place in th.

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    The 1980s was a time of evangelical revivalism in the south of England the house church movement had blossomed into loose networks of congregations and parachurch events while evangelical Anglican churches overflowed with worshippers

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