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Nataša Nikolić, Dragana Radmanović Ò 2 Read

H and German Includes alphabet vocabulary and small sections on cultural holidays with correspond.

Review é PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò Nataša Nikolić, Dragana Radmanović

Serbian For Kids

Children's educational workbook Serbian as a Foreign Language for Kids with text in English Frenc.

Free download Serbian For Kids

Ing worksheets Book includes text for native English French and German Speakers Includes Audio CD.

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    I have been using this as a lesson guide for my children ages 5 and 7 Colorful pages pictures help to clarify and solidify basic concepts and meanings Text is primarily written in Serbian Cyrillic so prior knowledge of alphabet and pronunciation is helpful but not reuired text translations are included in English French and German at the end of each unit The end of the book includes a full set of Cyrillic alphabet worksheets to

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