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Rn to the storehouse to get spices for the market She never expects to find Sinbad waiting for her eager to show her how much he's noticed her and eager to share her with his fellow bandits Stuffed by the Sheik's Caravan Part One She's a princess captured on the day of her wedding and dragged off to a faraway land in the middle of the Arabian desert If not for her handmaiden she'd be lost But when the Sheik sends the two women to the Choosing Pit and they must experience the bodies of many slaves public orgy scene in order to choose two blood husbands the princess will do anything to earn the love of the handsome and scarily alpha Sheik Stuffed by the Sheik's Caravan Part Two.

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Stuffed author Chera Zade

She had a desire to get stuffed and these exotic Arab hunks delivered The sands are blowing across the desert it's midnight at the oasis and the bandits in the Souk are ready to bring mind blowing pleasure to another innocent desert rose without mercy and always filling her beyond her wildest fantasy until she can't help but fall in love This historical romance ancient worlds medieval short reads collection contains three of the Chera Zade's Arabian Nights Stuffed tales including Stuffed by Thieves The spice girl is in love with the Souk's most notorious bandit only he doesn't know she exists Or does he After the fake fight in the Souk destroys her spice stand Minnea must retu.

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The choosing pit ordeal behind them and no Sheik in site the Princess takes comfort in the arms of her handmaiden Bridget bisexual lesbian scene But then Bridget is taken away off to live with her own Sheik and her two chosen blood husbands and the Princess is finally brought to her hearts desires tent where she must first show him how much she loves him by letting him dictate how her blood husbands should take her fast hard and bound bdsm scene These hot and steamy menage action adventure thrillers contain lots of plot story and plenty of explicit multiple penetration and group sex scenes There is some strong language violence and mature themes but also humor and romance Enjo.

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